Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Feature request title:

Terminal floors (levels) and jetways


It’s very difficult to plan terminal with the active baggage system on one level (service road cuts it in half etc.). My idea is to enable multi-floor terminal buildings so you could separate at least baggage and check-in levels from departure/arrivals. Departure/arrival split is more difficult, so could be moved to later releases.

Also, it would be more realistic to connect medium-size-stand jetways to level +1 rather than a ground floor


Just as a reference:


Would also be great to be able to build walkways/connections between buildings that are on higher levels so vehicles and planes can drive underneath them. Like this:

Will create this as a separate feature request, as the multi floor terminal is something different.


Schiphol is a great example. Bottom floor for Arrivals and baggage pick up and top floor for departing flights, restaurants, shops etc.


Yeah this would be a great one for creating larger Terminals and not getting stuck with long walks of passengers.
I would use this a lot.
Please add this

I second different levels.

Lots of major airports have satellite buildings. These are access via bridges or tunnels.

These are all great ideas and something I would like to see!


In British airports you need to go through immigration/customs every time you transfer (exception - domestic terminals). In the rest of EU, mixing the passengers within the Schengen zone is quite a common practice to reduce the MCT (min. connecting time) for transferring passengers.

BTW - another possible enhancement - right now there is a common security area, like all flights are domestic. WE could split by dom/intl and introduce immigration booths.

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Hold on. the developers will enable voting in a few hours :slight_smile: you can press a button to register your vote

sorry guys

I would love to see this feature to become a part of ACEO in the near future because it would be a groundbreaking element. I am not an gamedeveloper and i do not know much about programming, but I think that an implemantation of such a feature would require changing lots of base game coding.
So I am think that it would be a little easier to implement this feature now than later when the game is full of other content which also has then to be reworked again (think about the UI-Overhaul which has been lots of work but could be done in just a month, which i think would have been much more complex in an later stage of the development).
And on top of this the multiple stories feature is giving to the developers and to us, the CEO’s lots and lots of new possibilities in building an realistic airort and implementing new features! So please give me feedback on my thoughts and do you agree with me?


Well, Most features would have no impact on multi level and vice versa. I think the Jetway would be the biggest, but doing it now or later… I don’t really see a big problem (Source: Am a developer myself).
The question here is however: What are you going to put on that extra floor? Since we only have a few items to place, it would be a big empty space :slight_smile:


Not sure… Comprehensive baggage system can take a looooot of space. :slight_smile:


Most airports have departures on the upper floor so would look like our airports now but I suppose we need more for arriving passengers on the bottom floor to fill out the same template but as with above it would be all baggage facilities.

Could place all your staff structures and support on bottom floor

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To make it even more ekhm, complex, let’s say that the upper level may be smaller, for example just for the concourse. Why not? :slight_smile:

Sure, have a nice outdoor terrace for your plane spotting pleasure

Im not sure why this feature is so popular, we currently have plenty of tile space for everything that needs to be laid down, im not sure if i would use the feature if it was implemented as i like to see my entire airport laid out in front of me, yeah running an underground baggage system is already like an additional level for me and would rather see other game changing features implemented first

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Agree, in SA multiple floors didn’t have as big of an impact as I tought it would have, it just makes it slightly easier to seperate arriving and departing PAX, but arriving PAX don’t need much space anyways. I’m more interested to see the remote stands as that would make for interesting new gameplay. Well, that’s how democracy works I guess :slight_smile: . Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be more than happy with every new feature that we get. :smiley:

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Arriving passengers will need more space after international airport features such as passport control are introduced, however at this stage i think it would be a large developement effort for very little current gain.

But as you and the devs have already said democracy rules and i guess once its implemented they can get on with developing the features that will fill the empty space

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