Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [selected for implementation]


Having walkway tunnels for passengers to get between terminal areas would be great as it would then allow you to have terminal setups similar to T5 at Heathrow.


Then we first need multiple terminals as a feature as well :wink:
A lot of the features are (inter)linked or a fundament for much more options.


I’m sure this has been mentioned plenty of time, but this is probably my personal most critical feature. No real airport that is bigger than “tiny” or pure regional has only one level. I know it’s a real pickle to get the UI right to do that though (and having it not be confusing), but I would just consider it straight up necessary.


i would just be interested to know from anyone who has voted for this feature why its a must have feature at this point, don’t get me wrong i am finding it hard to find an idea that has been suggested that shouldn’t make it to the game at some point or other, but there are many other feature request i would much rather see ahead of managing multiple floors on my layout


I think it’s the realism of multiple floors due to people wanting to build airports they have been to. Most have multiple floors. I understand it but would rather have multiple terminals before floors if we were to multiply things!


I did yote for it and I do think its a must have feature right now because of the possibilities you would get of it.
First of im also not a friend of switching through multiple layers to see and manage the whole airport and I also think that the floors could be quiet empty when the feature is implemented but when I read through the diffrent features that have been suggestet, multiple stories aren’t neccesary to get them implemented, but it would create an base platform to implement them in an finally more realistic and believable way. For example an other highly demanded feature for which there are many votes even from me, catering.
Yes it could be implemented with an special building like the vehicle depot from where the trucks can deliver food and ameneties to the planes. But imagine the other way. We could get the opportunity to build a whole delivery and supply center with a large kitchen and storage area in the basement with an parking and or loading area for the catering trucks servicing the planes. Wouldn’t that be great ? And this is just one example. Think of longtermparking in a multistorie carpark or multiple terminal connected buy a subway or elevated railway you see often in international airports with multiple terminals and finally a seperation of arrival and depature traffic which could make the airport finally much easier to overview. Yes all these thoughts are going far too in future but shouldn’t the game prepared for these things. And just annother commentary to space. Yes currently we do have enough space to work and build up a functional airport which looks great and more realistic then what other management games have done before. But sometimes if its the baggagesystem or trying to build satelite gates (and I think that everyone who plays this game has thought so sometimes) I whch me another layer to work with, that for example you can cross baggagebelts or your passengers do not have to cross a very busy service road to get to the gate…


very well put @Maxidrum and i agree with your vision, but i would rather see the simple version of your catering implemented as a new feature (then see it get an upgrade later) than wait 6-8 weeks without an update while multi-floors goes in. I still want to see it implemented but dont see it as a first round priority.

Isnt it great the amount of civilised discussion is being generated by passionate fans of the game


I do hope there will be more discussions like that where everybody respects the opinion of each other and I’m hoping when they do upgrades on the catering they gonna also upgrade the vehicle depot, perhaps when the multiple floors are in game also a storage or parking area foor service vehicles.:slight_smile:


Thanks @Maxidrum for your comments. As I am the author of this request, let me put my thoughts.

First of all, I do not feel guilty. I have created this request because I could. :slight_smile:

Most of your create really fun airports - huge, functional, colorful. Sometimes in Sandbox, sometimes in Easy mode. For me the challenge and main fun is to always build everything from the scratch with minimum funds and brick by brick, whenever funds are big enough.

So first advantage here - extra “achievement” that can be unlocked with the procurement and sort of level in the game.

I always create a full time airport. With shops, coffee stands, toilets, office space, reasonably sized baggage claim areas etc. Therefore I do not understand the argument that there will be too much space. Definitely not my experience.

Next thing - interconnections with other requests. Definitely in place. Should we have road tunnels, crossing baggage belts etc. implemented, maybe I would not come across this idea. However I find it quite challenging to design a fully functional airport with short transit times, simple baggage structure and realism at the time (secured sidewalk is not an acceptable workaround for me…). Having a baggage structures in the basement/ground floor (necessarily with a service road!!) solves most of my pains.

I understand that it is a very heavy request and may cause your (also cool!) requests to get our of the list for phase 1, but this is why the voting is in place. I hope that developers will find a reasonable compromise to keep the fun with reasonable effort. By the way, current UI redesign or performance improvement sprints also caused a stagnation in game features, so whatever new gameplay feature appears - will keep me happy.


Indeed cool to see that discussions are with respect for each others opinion! Have seen it go wrong in so many ways on other platforms, so let’s cherish this and keep it this way and let democracy work the way it should :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s see what the final outcome is in about 1,5 week and what the devs decide to develop in the end, bottom line it’s always good to get any new feature and very exited to see what it will be!


Could not have said it better myself @Puma


So, I didn’t read the whole thread, so maybe I’m repeating something already mentioned by someone else?

Anyway, I think, multi floors/levels is one of the most important features and the sooner it is added, the easier it is to be done and maybe some other workload can be even saved?

If multiple levels get added for the whole map and if there’s not only overground but also underground levels there are a lot of features which can make use of this feature.

Conveyor belts would benefit by being able to make crossings.
Tunnels, bridges or skybridges could be build to pass nearly anything else, e.g. roads, taxiways and so on.
We could even get rid of these unrealistic small vehicle depots by building them as a terminal structure. The same for towers.
Subways could have a real station instead of only an simple entrance.

That being said, it’s not that I think that anything mentioned above has to be included with the introduction of a multiple level feature, nor it has to be included at all.

But all of it can benefit by a system which allows multiple levels. It adds a lot of flexibility (for us players but I think also for development). And the earlier it is implemented, the less impact it has with other existing features which need to get adapted or get obsolete then.


I dont believe that multiple terminal levels can be implemented into this game. It is like prison architect or Counter strike 2D. Only thing you can hope for is baggage trays which wont connect to each other when crossing themselves even if they are underground and they incomprehensibly connect to trays which are on the ground level.


I dont agree. Its a matter of making the pax smarter. And if need be give the player tools to guide the game


Have you seen simairport - same game engine and they have managed it


It’s a computer game … it’s software … it’s programmed by people.

It’s doing exactly what the dev’s tell it to do. And if they tell it to do anything else, it’s going to do whatever it is told to do. It’s just a matter of development. There’s no need to asume something isn’t possible just because some other game is limited.

It’s just a matter of the dev’s like/don’t like to do it and their own ability to do it.


It seems that this game runs on the same engine like prison architect but thats my guess only. And I dont believe you will get this feature anyway. I know its only alpha game but the progress is very slow and after few hours of playing I always get bored because of lack of the in game content.


It’s not because the devs of prison architect decided they didn’t want multiple floors that this game can’t have them, with Unity 2D your creativity is the limit gameplay wise. If you take a look at the roadmap https://www.airportceo.com/roadmap/ (at the bottom) you can see the devs were already planning to eventually add this feature, even without the voting. I agree there isn’t much content yet but that’s why the devs introduced the voting system, I’m sure when the release train gets rolling the gameplay will get deeper, as we’re all hoping for :slight_smile:


I agree @KingBirdy i think the game in its current state is a very good base for it to develop from, looking down the list of features that have been requested combined with the ‘ideas the developers also have’ i am quite interested to see the release train roll out of the station and get up to full speed, i think any of the features that get added from the list will only make the game better. This game and the way it is being developed for me is exactly how early access should be. The basis of a game with developer who work with its fan base/community to develop a game that the player have become invested in


@Overlord If you would have followed the questions about conveyor belt crossings, you would know that the Devs don’t want to add these crossings, because they plan multiple floors themselves. So these crossings would only be a workaround and get obsolete afterwards.

I think our Devs are to smart to choose an engine which doesn’t support their own plans and then not being able to add it themselves (after all, even game engines can be modded as they are software too; beside of knowledge and time it’s a matter of license if they are allowed to).

And if they would have choosen a wrong engine for this plan, they would simply add these crossings instead of still telling, they don’t want to because they still plan multi floors themselves.

And if prison architect and Airport CEO would use exactly the same version of a game engine (I don’t know) it’s not necessarly an engine doesn’t support a specific feature, but it may just doesn’t get used in a specific game.

Anyway, as long as Olof and Fredrik tell that they are planing to add multiple floors themselves they have a plan: They know their own resources. They know their used software and interfaces. So, I guess they know better than some guys not being involved in their work telling it’s not possible.