Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [selected for implementation]


Malaga airport is same way, as well as some German airports


Elevators are on the trello board along with stairs :grin:


HKG for one has them as part of the airport terminal structure.

This could perhaps tie in with the modular jetbridges request, with a “hub” being built on the stand that connects to multiple jetways and different floors of the airport terminal.

This bridge would then be spawned from the “hub”, thus avoiding the need to have to place it down as a foundation.


What if we used page up and page down buttons to cycle through floors?


My keyboard doesn’t have those. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m sure it has, at least when using a “Fn”-key? Else, you may build bungalow airports only in the future too. :stuck_out_tongue:


It has not. It’s the small kind of Apple Magic Keyboard.


Try going into settings and keyboard and look for certain applications use Function Keys instead of Hot Keys like apple normally uses them.


That might work, but that’s not super “easy” to explain to all not techy Airport CEO’s.


I only found out about it after I got a touchbar mac so yeah.


Are there any new pictures to show in the development of the terminal Levels?


Are there any new pictures to show in the development of the terminal Levels?

Multifloor feature has not been developed because developers are working on “Person rendering and movement overhaul” in order to improve performance on multifloors.


In Trello they are nearly finish with that improvement


“nearly finish” or as I would say: Famous last words of programmers… :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will the multiple floors actually come before or after the service vehicles? I hope the several floors come first, because for the service vehicles you need a lot of space again and my airport is completely full.:sweat_smile:


Devs are working on ‘Person rendering and movement overhaul’ (ACEO-6811) at the moment, if that is working stable they can continue with the terminal floors feature. After that has been finished they will start with the services. Follow these Trello links if you want to follow current progress or feature progress


Ok, Thank you very much :+1::sweat_smile:


It would be nice but I feel like it should be a jetbridge upgrade only.


poor you


As we all know multi-level terminals have been selected for implementation. Now with the many talented CEO’s we have on this forum, I was wondering how everyone would use the Multi Floor feature. I personally am going to put baggage on the bottom level and gates and check in on the top level