Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [selected for implementation]


This is something I did quite a while ago in Discord:

I was thinking of doing something like HND Domestic T1, but in a considerably tighter space.


I think we could continue on this topic :slight_smile:

So here is my floor ideas for small-medium sized airport:

  • B1 (Basement) (-1)

Passenger carpark, passenger bus stop, subway station, staff related rooms, baggage bays, service parking lot, utilities room.

  • Z (First Floor) (0)

Airport main entrance, bus stop, car drop off, departure hall, security hall, arrival baggage claim. Arrival hall

  • +1 (Second Floor) (+1)

Departure hall continuation, shops, cafes,

  • +2 (Third Floor) (+2)(Optional)

Shops, Cafes, open roof, smoking and plane spotting area.


Now my question is, how inefficient would it be to have everything on a different floor. At the current place I can barely get everyone to the gate on time, what will happen when they have to go through all these extra places now.


Technically, depending on how it’s set up, having departures up top and arrivals on the bottom, you don’t have to worry about your bag boats feeding to the carousels above, you don’t have to worry about incoming passengers blocking the way of outgoing passengers.


There is also an issue about multi floors; So we know that medium and large stands have to have jetway connection to first floor. Would it be possible to design such a system in below so we can divide arrival and departure passengers at gate? Would passenger goes to wrong way and get lost?


What would be useful would be a new “transfer” zone, which arriving passengers are streamed into via security exits/one way doors/escalators. Departure passengers would enter the transfer zone with boarding desks.

After which arriving passengers can either head out to the exit, or find a security checkpoint to re-clear security to enter the departure area.


Perhaps one way doors could solve this?


Perhaps one way doors could solve this?

You are absolutely right. We need one way doors with exception for staff members.


I would think separate them - one way doors, and staff only doors.


They are already ingame. You’ll only need to place a staff zone beneath the door. :wink:


I agree with previous comments that one way doors would solve the problem of passengers going the wrong way, though surely the AI would try to find the quickest possible route to the secure zone exit and baggage claim so would not enter the departures area. I do feel though that one way doors should be implemented as a fail safe!


@Olof @Fredrik isnt this implementable in the same way as the one way taxiway is implemented? or am I thinking in a to simple way?


Yeah, one way doors and one way roads would be pretty easy to implement. It’s all about what we devote time to. @Fredrik?


okay thanks I see that it is time that is the issue no porbs. just checking if I was correct. :wink:


Yeah, one way doors and one way roads would be pretty easy to implement. It’s all about what we devote time to.

I think we will definitely need one way doors when multi floors are implemented. Otherwise PAX chaos will happen.


well in mult story - sometimes departures and arrivals based where aircraft is coming eg domestic arrives at stand with muilt story so the domestic could be on 2nd floor so if plane arrives from iceland - outside of country then doors on 2nd floor will be locked shut to prevent domestic people entering plane - only pax with iceland board from 3rd floor
this layout is found in demark copehagen airport which has mixed modes gates
on 2nd floor - there is domestic gates then 1 floor up is internatal gates that feed to same gate on 2nd floor
the arrivals/departures in most domestic airports are not separated
the outside country departures and arrivals are separated unless country has border free access (simllar to EU country where you dont need visit to customs/passport)

to reeneter from arrivals - such connecting planes its would require secuirty checks again and re enter from speical connecting ticket area but most pax will exit from same gate as departures from

on A380 planes - two level boarding arms are commonly used for boarding first class on upper deck and business class and others on lower but player can mod A380 to have different loading rules


I hope this will get implemented too: So what I want is a double deck road here’s example :

Like this so you can make road on 2nd floor and make arrivals bottom with pick up buses and departures on top with drop out buses! :heart_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:


dont forget - some airports have basements for pickups or drop offs - its very rare to have it

Dubiai airport temerial 3 has basmenet for picking pax up because runway is on 2nd floor
the drop off is at street level
the check in and arrivals are actually underground - under the taxiways
seen here - https://www.google.com/maps/@25.2828124,55.3662833,4513a,35y,180h,38.64t/data=!3m1!1e3

other good example of design - in charles de gaulle airport Terminal 1 - here - arrivals are just above boarding areas but checkin is just under the boarding areas but intestering is in middle is open atrium with travelators taking pax up to each floor also tunnels that from boarding floor to aircraft gates passes over the depatures road


Does the development of multi-floors in terminals also include tunnels between concourses? I started a new project yesterday which looks similar to the layout of Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. Airport. At the moment it’s not possible to connect concourses to a main terminal without crossing my taxiways and that looks ugly :smiley:


We don’t have details yet but rumors say that there will be at least 4 floors; Basement (-1) Ground (Z) (Also current game floor) First Floor (+1) and Second Floor (+2). So I think we can build tunnels on (-1)