Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [selected for implementation]


The next dev blog will feature an in-depth piece on the current state of multi-floor, to quickly summarize it and not spoil too much we’re right now working on the core tech for building and visually presenting the different floors (i.e. rendering). and especially making important changes to the grid instantiation (noticeable loading improvement as it will start loading in the main menu already). Once we’ve fully decided on how to visually render the different floors we will then move on to construction simulation and path-finding. The number of floors we will support is as of yet undecided but at least a basement, ground floor and a second floor, depending on performance trade offs we might support a second floor but this is not by any means set in stone.

You will be able to build roads and conveyor belts on the basement level, yes.


When will the next devblog be released? Can’t wait!


Should that be first floor? I know some different countries use different nomenclatures for floor level names.

Will you be able to build them on + level floors as well?


I guess the devs could stick to whatever they know best as a default, and perhaps offer the option to rename floors for those who don’t like it.


We also need underground


When you say underground, are you talking about a basement level or underground tunnels to connect different building or terminals? I know that @Olof has mentioned that the terminal levels feature will include a basement, ground floor, and second floor at the very least.


We have an update on this. The total number of floors with the current technical implementation will be two floors down, (i.e. -1 and -2), ground floor (0) and two floors up (i.e. 1 and 2).


two floors down, (i.e. -1 and -2), ground floor (0) and two floors up (i.e. 1 and 2).

WOHOW We will have 5 floors to play with :smiley:


Very nice!


Do you know how this may affect performance yet?


In excess of game design (of course), performance impact has been the main decider for how we’ve approached this decision. I mentioned in another post that we’ve heavily re-designed many parts of the grid system to support multiple floors (it’s the largest fundamental change ever) and we’ve done many improvements and smart adaptations that’ll noticeably reduce loading time and RAM utilization. Ultimately, we’re not 100 percent sure yet since the simulation part of this implementation is not finished yet (i.e. how the path finding algorithm isn’t adapted yet or if and how we need to handle fetching of objects on different floors) but my estimation and our overall target is that there will be no noticeable performance impact of the pure concept of multiple floors. There will be some extra steps in regards to sorting as well as for the path finder as it will need to find paths to and from stairs and stuff but it should be thought of the same performance impact as if you’re just building a larger terminal.

Hence, of course, if you build a large terminal and than add equally large floors on top and below you’ll have the same form of impact as if you’re building those floors on the ground floor. What I mean is that a large airport is still a large airport, regardless of if its spread across several floors or just one. But still it’s too early to say fully, however do rest assure that performance is our second most important agenda after, as I mentioned, game design and the feature implementation itself.


nice so there will be any more floors after first intial release of muilt levels

so what vertical transport would be - as far i know stairs and elevator - there will be escalator (moving staircase) and vertical baggage delivery system? aka goods elevator/freight elevators



Ah. So in terms of stands, would those only be assembled on the main floor, or would the player be allowed to change what floor PAX can enter the stand from?


@Olof, please let us be able to designate what floor the jetway connects! I have only seen one major airport here in the states where SOME jetways connect at ground level, EWR (not sure if this is the case anymore) but the rest are usually above ground level.

In addition, I have been crossing fingers (and arms, and legs, and toes) for a one-way entrance/exit (regardless of zone). I could use this now for flow, but I hope it is seriously considered for multi-floor.

I noticed many airports will have departures on the floor at least about ground level (if not higher), and then arrivals arrive on a level below, and the secure exit is also on that level, leading them to baggage claim. Would be even nicer to have a jetway that has split level operations (departures on one floor, arrivals on another), but one-way entrances/exits can help with this in the meantime.


In addition, I have been crossing fingers (and arms, and legs, and toes) for a one-way entrance/exit (regardless of zone). I could use this now for flow, but I hope it is seriously considered for multi-floor.

I agree on that. The last thing I want to see is seeing a departure passenger on arrival area or arrival floor passenger on departure area


@parillos @Olof, I agree, but there would need to be limitations so that someone can’t set the entry level to a stand to a basement level floor.


It has already been said somewhere that once multi floor is in operation, jetways will not be able to connect to ground floor.

Included that yes I hope we can get arrivals and departures working on different levels. :slight_smile:


@Rubble, Do you know if anything has been said about multi-level roadways for terminal access, similar to what many international airports implement.


Only into the basement I know off. Olof talked a little about this within this post 17d ago.



That is what I thought. I just couldn’t remember the exact parameters of what Olof had said.