Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [selected for implementation]


Well we haven’t made any final decision here but I think we’re leaning to enforce that jetways either connect to the second or third floor. I can’t see how they would “fit” towards a ground floor connection as vehicles would have to “run through them”. Although we do operate in a 2D space so anything is possible, we’ll have to do some more thinking here.

Yeah, I agree, I think we will push to get one-way doors in for the multiple floor update. Escalators and stairways will support designating what direction they operate in so this will be one way to control the flow, but I agree we need doors.

Are there any real-world examples of this? I don’t think I’ve ever passed through a jet-way like that but I’m not sure.

Yes, conveyor belt and roads will be both be possible to be built on negative floor heights, with or without a terminal foundation beneath. The same goes for positive floor heights, at least for conveyor belt (we haven’t decided with roads yet).


Would one way zoning be better than doors?


i been arrived at OSLO airport - the jetways for outside of EU had split level - we went upstairs to passport booth then exited to walkways to arrivals - at end of long walkway there was elevator and escalator taking to ground floor where arrivals is located passing the departures level
in some airports like paris - there is arrivals just upstairs above departures or boarding area

when we came back - we boarded plane - we was on level 1 departures so boarding was done via ramp to jetway

so maybe let players design which levels to enter and where exit
in sim airport - you could design - arrivals on top and departures in basement etc


One way zoning? How would it look?


@Olof, for my last part you quoted, I was wondering the best way to word it so as to avoid confusion. I know in the states 1st floor is the ground floor, but I believe (almost) everywhere else, 1st floor is above ground floor, and that is what I meant, as I thought that is the standard in Europe.

However, YES, there are airports where jetways connect at the ground level. Newark EWR Terminal C, concourse C1 has a few in the 80s pier.

The two jetways on the very end of the concourse in the picture below are actually connected to the ground floor, and the others flanking them are connected to the floor above. I guess this could open up new stand designs in terms of where the roadway is on the stand.


Also, elated to know that the jetways won’t default connect to the ground floor. For some reason I thought I read on an earlier forum that they were indeed going to default to the ground floor so as to keep current game saves compatible. (If we think about it, we currently have jetways, we have only 1-floor terminal designs, so when multi-floor comes out, I expected everything you’ve already built to stay the same for compatibility purposes). If they will indeed be a higher floor what should we expect to have to reconfigure on existing saves?


You’re talking about stairs, ramps, elevators, … after a jetway, not the jetway itself … right?


If roads can be built on negative floors as well and/or posetiv, will this go for busstops an cardropoffs as well? In that case, can we make them departing passengers only (drop off), and arriving (pickup) only, at least the busstops?


its at where jetway entrance - just before escalators and elevators to arrivals but when boarding its ramp from departures room to plane
each airport has different designs


Think that most airports the jetway connect to the same floor it is just that arriving passengers usually then go straight downstairs to arrivals on ground floor. I’ve never seen a jet way which connects to different floors for boarding or unloading. The use of stairs and one way doors would split the passengers


very few airports do have odd designs - example paris charles de Gaulle airport - Temerial 1 has very odd arrangment
you dropped off at departures at level 2 then check in then take escalator up to boarding level - level 3 then to board plane from this level -
for arrival - you leave boarding floor - go up to arrivals floor

in non separated floors - single floor - the arranagement is usually - departures on left - arrivals on right - east midlands has this arrangment and few others exsist


… and that’s exactly what I expect to be already possible with multi floor terminals.



A ramp leads down from the departures level to the jetbridges, another ramp goes down to arrivals from there.

I’d get you a picture but Google is failing me.


In franfurt walkways is under taxi way.


Here’s an example at Toulouse where the jetways have separate arms linking to the 1st floor for arrivals and 2nd floor for departures:

In a lot of airports where departures are the floor above arrivals, the jetway actually links to the arrivals level, then within the terminal there is an escaltor/stairs down from departures after the boarding desk, along with a series of lockable one way doors to prevent passengers going the wrong way. This is the set-up in e.g. Heathrow, Munich.


I love the discussion going on but can I make a point about realism and options verses gameplay.

From reading lots of the support post here and on steam lots of the problems come from the game being perceived as too complex. While I disagree with that I do have a good knowledge of airport structures and processes and think that a better knowledge helps when designing airports

I think that we should have a simple process connecting jetways to the same floor and then evaluate how people implement it and then consider advanced options.

Still beleive that immigration and customs are implemented with multiple floors to give arrivals something to fill the space.


With roads currently still being under the jetbridge, it’s very likely that:

You start with a Medium stand that doesn’t have a jetbridge
If you want to add a jetbridge you will need a second floor from where a jetbridge can be connected and will go over the road.

*second floor to me is 1 floor above the ground floor :wink:

Maybe in the future when roads will not be on the bottom of the stand we can look into having it on the ground floor too, but for now it doesn’t make sense gameplay wise when floors are implemented.


Agreed! I do believe that jetway can connect to the “base” (or however it is called) where we could have a staircase splitting the traffic into +1 (dep) and 0 (arr) for example. It is also a quite common airport design - you simply disembark and ground staff ensures that proper pathway is enabled for you. Then, upon disembarking they close one door, open the other and you board.


yeah - sometimes domestic dont need use - example copehagen - the Interntianal gates are have upper lounges for those but there is EU only downstairs
so people arriving from UK or US - arrive here go to passport - up annd along upper walkway to passport that is located on 1st floor
while domestic or in EU - they simply go in shared area


I think for the first iteration we could mix arrival en departing persons. And split them via an escalator to the baggage area. (Ground floor usually) if we have longer flights and passport control we can make it more difficult with the splitting at the gate.