Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [selected for implementation]


I know this is an annoying question to ask but uhhh, I see a lot of discussion on multi-floors coming from both players and developers and know that it’s supposed to be in the next big update. What sort of time frame are we talking about here? Just an order of magnitude, are we talking a weeks, a few months or half a year?


If I have to guess , I would guess closer to half a year , considering it took 4-6 months for remote stand implementation. The feature vote was completed last June (as far as i remember) and implementation was late last year


Are you talking about a jetway similar to the image below?


Have you ever though that if there are no ground floor accesses to a stand, how ramp agents will access to it? Use stairs on jetway?


Or you could just leave it that way - like how Singapore Changi operates.

Security at the gate, arriving and departing passengers allowed to mix. All traffic through Changi is international anyway so the type of passenger doesn’t really matter.



Ramp agents can walk on any service roads as long as they are zoned as secure and staff only. They could walk on the service roads to move around the airport. They could also use ramp agent cars to transport themselves to stands.

Currently in my save game file, I have all of the service roads connected to the remote stands zoned like this as well as the service roads back to the terminal, which has allowed ramp agents to find their way back to the terminal in the service car malfunctions.


There’s already a stair visible on the ingame jetways. Ramp agents could enter the jetway and leave it at this stair.

Beside of that …
… how about simply building these exits for ramp agents on ground level? :wink:


Correct, you can already assign stands to service car stops … it’s just they don’t get used for non-remote stands yet.


I’ll refrain from commenting more on the technical implementation as we simply haven’t figured it all out yet, good discussion though! :slight_smile:

Definitely not half a year, perhaps a few weeks before internal testing is complete (building testing, i.e. with no passengers walking around should be pretty soon once Fredrik is back) and then a month of so before going live on experimental. I’m only guesstimating here so no promises but we’ve made quite good progress over the last weeks.

That time was not spent on remote stands, the first round of remote stands took perhaps one to two weeks and then probably an additional week of patching, in total. Alpha 29 and the work before that went into performance fixes and stabilizing the core, we’ve never spent 6-4 months on a single feature.

Since Fredrik is the one handling the implementation of this feature it’ll be paused until he’s back! :slight_smile:


Yes agreed. I should rephrase to it took 4 - 6 months to perfectly implement remote stands along with all the complementary features (assigning and coloring vehicles) and bug fixes. It wasnt meant to be a dig :slightly_smiling_face:

Also better to expect a longer lead time and get surprised rather than the other way around. Haha


No worries at all, yeah we should differentiate on time it took for the feature to come out versus time we spent working on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is the building and rendering system ready? Will we get it when the new devlog will be put or earlier?


Think your going to have to wait until the rendering, pathfinding and everything else that needs to be done


I don’t think it will be released on Monday. Given Fredrik is a major part of the multi-floor development and as we celebrate his new family, I surmise it will be a little while longer. And yes I long for multi-floor too. The code will have to ferment for a while, and that just means better code if I know nothing.

The Dev Blog though is a good candidate fingers crossed.


Honestly, if we want to make kind of a cool feature out of it, we could allow Jetbridges to connect from the ground floor, second floor, and third floor. Maybe the stands could get their overhaul in the process, and we could designate whether the road is in front or behind. I know that here in America, the roads are usually behind the stands, so we could just repurpose the roads into ramp space. You could fix up the lines and whatnot, and we could connect them to the ground floor for planes like C R J’s & E R J’s, and then second and third floors for any bigger planes.


Now I’m no developer but what if we could select (when creating new savegame) how many flowers we want? Obviously there would need to be a limit (eg: -2, -1, g, 1, 2). I think this would be a good feature so that people with a high end computer can enjoy a lot of floors while giving the possibility for players on a lower end computer to have the ability to have better framerates.



I’m not disagreeing with you, but wouldn’t that be a little bit extra? Since the floors are not auto-built for you, you have control within the game of what size you want your airport to be and how many floors you want to build.


I think this would be a good feature so that people with a high end computer can enjoy a lot of floors while giving the possibility for players on a lower end computer to have the ability to have better framerates.

People with low end pc can go and not build a multi floor terminal. Game doesn’t force people to build multiple or all 5 floors.

I mean it is like trying to play GTA5 with ultra settings on potato PC and blaming Rockstar Games to not make game more potato-pc-friendly.


True true


hahaha potato-pc-friendly! Quote of the year!


Hey, that’s a valid design constraint.

I remember the Cities Skylines folks mentioning that they couldn’t add certain features because it wasn’t friendly to GLaDOS potato PCs.