Terminal floors (levels) and jetways [selected for implementation]


That’s exactly whom I thought of with potato PC.


I would love the idea to choose the flooring arrangement. I’m not very interesting into -2 basements.

More like
+2 arrival
+1 departure, shops
_0 bus gates, offices
-1 offices, logistics

One other question:

When we building the next floor, will we get flooring placed as well? We are able to remove flooring to make a area more spacious? Like two floors without flooring between. Sadly, I couldn’t find a image what I have in mind. I don’t know if everyone was ever in Narita airport terminal one in Japan. There have a interesting layout from gate 32 to 41. Maybe I have to take picture next time.

In the lower floor, there is the check in area with waiting area and on the upper floor is a walkway for the arrivals. Do you can see from the upper floor to the departure lounge and as well outside.


I get what you mean. But I don’t think it would look good, or even noticeable when game is 2D with top down looking.

Although it would be nice. Instead of walls, windows can be used to give more open atmosphere.


Thinking about it, it has a potential chance of confusing the player as well. Maybe if you give the lower level a light blurred vision and you are only allowed to place or click on stuff what is on your actual chosen level.

Made some pictures as well.

Arrival area

Departure area

Arrival area


I think it would be nice to have a view on what is happening the level beneath.
It would be a nice thing to be able to work with voids, atria etc.

For now we’ve only seen some previews of the multilevel feature of basements. :slight_smile:
How would it work above ground? Are we still gonna see the apron on every level?

Did a little (photoshop) test myself.

A view from the groundfloor (left image) and matching first floor. (right image)
With a dark shade you can make clear what is above you (like the jetbridge or the walkway on the bottom part of the pic)
With a light shade you can make claer what is actualy a level down.


With a little gif animation…:slight_smile:


Looks very good and not too far off what we are thinking already. :slight_smile: Nice effect with the shadow over the walkway, didn’t think of that one myself. The jetway is not decided yet, it will be connected to 1st floor for sure, but we will see how it turns out if it should be hidden or not on ground floor. :thinking:


I was wondering if players who keep a savegame when this update hits, will see their jetways removed as they don’t have a 1st floor yet.


I doubt we can use a older save when it comes to the multi-flooring. But I only guessing.
But with the multi-floor, you might have a more better process experience when you play with limited funds.

Starting only with bus-gates and later one, you can easily expand your airport with an upper floor. I’m really hyped for this feature.


I also see that you can see ground floor from first floor. Like there is an elevated walkway at first floor. That looks really interesting. :heart_eyes:


I have been keeping an eye on this games development for over a year now and recently I’ve been watching Lets Plays on youtube. Finally purchased it just moments ago. I am so happy that this feature was voted for and selected for implementation. I can’t wait! haha.