Terminal zoning system

So terminals… I tried making a second terminal as there was no space. I made it on the oposite side of the runway. When I placed a check in it had flights of the other terminal and the first terminal had flights for second terminal. It would be nice to have a terminal zone you can select. You can select which gates and check-ins are in the specific terminal. So you can have for an ex. 1.terminal bigger planes 2.terminal smaller planes.


In the game so much objects have to connect to each other. Only just check-in desks are free. I think, a lot of problems of bigger airport systems would be solved if check-in desks are also connectable to stands or areas of stands (or vice versa)

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Didn’t I read somewhere the idea of having check ins assigned to airlines?
This and of course stands, but not mandatory or 1 to 1!
Many check ins are assigned to all flights by an airline or all flight of that airline on a certain terminal.

So the assignment should be 1 check-in to 0…n stands and 0…1 airline, I assume

Yes, several times, I think, one time from me :wink:
It would be great if one day you are able to have an hub airport, with terminal, stands, check-in desks, lounges and other objects connected to a specific airline, transfer zones etc

If so many people wrote it why isnt it in the game yet… Its a good idea

About the check-in desks, you can already connect them to baggage bay(s) which is(/are) connected to specific stands. About assigning airlines, well, you don’t need to use auto-planner and manually assign flights from a single airline to specific stands which are connected to specific baggage bay, which is connected to specific check-in desks. This way you will have check-in desks assigned to that airline.

As far as I know multiple terminals are coming. There was an image in one of recent blog entries before release of Alpha 31 with presented tests of the feature. At least the PAX will be arriving in the future to appropriate terminal building from where they have their plane and not to a random bus/car stop / subway exit.


Indeed. Desks are already assigned to specific stands by means of the baggage bay.

While I can manually assign airlines to specific stands, I like the idea of having a filter in the flight planner that tells the flight planner which flights can be assigned to which stands. Maybe similar to the filter in the Staff Room, where you can un-check all staff, then select the type of staff for that room. Each gate on the flight planner could have a drop-down. It defaults to all airlines. Then like staff rooms, you can clear all and select only those airlines that you wish the flight planner to schedule to that gate.

Edit: A side-effect of this would be with the ability to “clear all”, then that would tell the flight planner not to assign any airlines to that gate. A great way of freeing the gate for modifications.

When we get multiple terminals, and maybe connecting passengers, I think this would be essential (along with one-way doors) :slight_smile: