Terminals and Metro Stations

Hi! I’ve been building a second terminal for my airport. And apparently some pax taking flights at T1 came out of the T2 metro station when the terminal was still mostly under construction. The only connection between the terminals was the public road that went under the airport. So I guess the pax just spawn in a random metro station regardless of the terminal? I did include the metro station in the terminal area.

I don’t know if this is a bug, but I’ve had similar issues with other types of transportation as well. I find that I need to construct a footpath (even underground, or around the periphery of the airport), that somehow links all the different terminals. They can then be zoned as staff zones (if you don’t want passengers wandering around) afterwards. And to prevent those error messages popping up during construction, I plan for all those transport facilities, but construct them last.

I have it with Franchise staff too appearing at the wrong terminal and then error messages saying they can’t get to their task at the other terminal

I make sure there is at least a single tile wide path between terminals for staff and public, just in case. I had lots of passengers walking over to another terminal. I followed them and all of them went over to buy food, then came back to check in - so I built a food service in the terminal that didn’t have one (near check-in), and it stopped the long walk to another terminal for food.

I had lots of passengers walking over to another terminal. I followed them and all of them went over to buy food, then came back to check-in.

That happens to me too, but that’s another issue I think.

I also have passengers crossing over to another terminal to sit on the sofa chairs rather than gate chairs, so now I’ve had to remove all gate seating from pre-security zones, and replace them with sofas, which are taking up so much space!

And while I understand some people do do this in real life, it gets really annoying when passengers cross the terminal to sit on comfy chairs, and end up delaying flights because they’re late to board. I mean, it’s fine to go a small distance to find a more comfortable chair, but going halfway across my map just so s/he can sit on an armchair?! I ended up removing all comfy chairs from the post-security areas…

Can you share screenshots of your gate setup? Do you use the terminal zone function?

Yes I did used the terminal zone function. I’m pretty sure that there’s no available gate in the new terminal because the terminal building itself is still under construction and there is nothing in it.

BTW this post is weeks ago.

Yep this is very annoying. Had (and still do) have half my passengers go to T2 which is being built (all items deactivated and zoned staff). I’m not sure how hard it would be to have pax “assigned” to a terminal area.

And once more, please provide some screenshots of your terminals with active terminal overlay and we may can help. :slight_smile:

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This happens to me too!! It is not an Issue because my airport is pre-alpha 35 but I notice a steady stream of people moving in between my terminals. It would be nice if the devs could fix this. :wink:

Screenshots coming soon!

Has it been zoned as T2 yet though?

I mean I really appreciate that you would like to help but apparently I don’t have any screenshot of it. But what I’m sure is that the logic of the design is fine and there is no reason for anyone going to the metro station, bus stop, and whatsoever. They couldn’t find the paths after arriving at the station. And they move to terminal 1 immediately after the station is connected to terminal 1.

I believe the issue here is that pax just spawn in a random public trans building and there is no terminal restriction for pax spawned.


Neat. :+1:
Are your ramp agents working? Because if I don’t zone my stands in the terminal zone, then my ramp agents don’t perform their service rounds at that gate, and the flight gets delayed.

Ramp agents still work, have you got a door at ground level so the ramp agents can access the stand?

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That must be why… I’ve got quite a few ‘hanging’ stands. The staff room sitting below doesn’t stretch that far, as I’ve got them concentrated near the middle of the terminal to minimise wandering staff. Strange how ramp agents can go up through the jetbridge of one stand and down another, but only if the stands are zoned.

Interesting, don’t forget to zone the door staff only as I have had some passengers wonder onto the stand :rofl:

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