The 3/5 features you want implemented next


So think it’s really cool how different people have different things they want implemented early. Obviously devs can’t make everyone 100% happy, and there are design reasons to do some things first, but thought it could be fun to see what people’s priorities were anyway :slight_smile: put 3 or 5 in order. So for me:

  1. nailing the airside cycle/ vehicle movements to bring the airport to life

  2. one off/ more casual landing bookings to simulate GA and give an early game mechanic (easy to implement hopefully

  3. Then remote stands (bigger job but I think really important!)

  4. Then taking a step back and working out how to make it so you start with a very basic airstrip and can experience growing it to an advanced efficient airport

  5. immigration (quick) or freight (huge but exciting!)


I’d hold off on this until the game has more of the basic features implemented. I believe the devs have said they would appreciate a polling system the way they did with the next aircraft they were to design.


Yeah, why not. It would be nice to see what everyone thinks and develop some ideas. The top things I’d like to see in the game are:

  1. Complex micromanagement. I love to plane everything out in detail and see how the airport starts working out. An example would be what planes land when, what parking they use and maybe even when baggage is collected, boarding starts, etc.

  2. Good pathfinding. Theres nothing more annoying than having your passengers/staff moving all about the place not finding the quickest way to get to the plane.

  3. Customization. I know that this is already being worked on but I’d love to be able to make my airport unique. That way you can spend hours and hours on a game.


From what I’ve seen

  1. Modular security (there’s an excellent post somewhere about this) - probably the only area where I’d say that SimAirport is more detailed at the moment.
  2. Immigration - not seen much of this (presumably all flights are domestic/Schengen for now) but an important thing to introduce quite early IMO.
  3. Remote stands - you get a lot of functionality with this (intraterminal transit being one) and it gives you options for cheap expansion.

All subject to change depending on what we see before and at release of course.

  1. Remote Stands/Multiple Terminals
  2. GA Aircraft
  3. Modular Security
  4. Freight terminals
  5. Transit Systems, such as metros between terminals, buses to remote stands, trains from cities

  1. multiple terminals
  2. multiple floors
  3. trains/metro
  4. cargo planes
  5. mixed military traffic, like at Eindhoven Airport

  1. Multiple terminals.
  2. Multiple floors in a terminal.
  3. Immigration Facilities


Video 2, video 3, alpha release. :grin:

  1. General Aviation requests (aircrafts not connected to an airline land an visit your airport)
  2. A continuous job generation system that allows you to set different shift lengths depending on the job type
  3. Passenger wealth classes

Edit: oooops already implemented this week


Wayhey, thanks for the mini DevLog, Olof! :grinning:


In the future of this game, I would like to see the addition of more aircraft types for both commercial, and general aviation. I would also like to see, pushback tugs to push back the larger commercial aircraft from the gates.


Remote stands (+ shuttles, stairs)
Airplane parking/waiting area on apron
Cargo handling
Events (huge list by itself)
Feature unlocking(via research/training)


Ill just add to this list :slight_smile:
Office/personnel needs to expand airport operations
3rd party buildings. Like hotels etc. Landside and i.e. news helicopter, mil base, meteo station airside


Multiple Aircraft Ramp System
Multiple floors


My next 3-5 features;
A release date
A pre order
The base game,

Seeing as we have none of those in the game yet :slight_smile:


a pre order? really? :thinking: This is why we can’t have nice things :stuck_out_tongue:


And by pre order i mean, release date is announced and the game can be purchased on steam in advance of this, nothing special :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m cheating here, but i want another feature :slight_smile:
A layout / design mode, where you can designate a layout without actually building it. Like Prison Architect, but then also allowing you to put text anywhere, so you can describe what you want to do


Does the construction model not already support this as you put down blueprints and then call in the contractors to do the building. This would mean that you can set down a full airport if you wanted before calling people in to construct. I appreciate that you may not be able to stop them building all set down blue prints.


And that last sentence is the cracker. I want to design new expansions to my airport before i actually want to build them. A grand zoning plan as you will, where i can see if it fits, mull it over while running the game, implementing pieces of it when i have the need / money