The 3/5 features you want implemented next


Oh wait… no way… I WANT FREE DLCs!!! I am ok If devs charge more money for base game… but I want free DLCs.


FREE DLCs is exactly same thing with upgrading base game with DLC components so I am also OKAY with free DLCs.

But why Devs should work on separate DLCs and their coding instead of just updating base game? I mean it has no point unless Steam gives something to games with DLCs.


@NastyGamer as it is EA game isn’t the model going to be features are going to be added when they are ready as updates to the the base game and will be free? The price of the base game will go up after each update (due to extra content) for people who have not already bought it.

The Devs have stated in a forum post of a Dev blog that they expect to reach a full release in a bout a year which is plenty of time to get all the new feature in with DLC or expansion pack

Feel this will be quiet like prison architect’s release structure.


I wish not though. Having games with many DLCs, even if all of them are free, can actually offput interest by people with a more bargain approach.

Especially ridiculous if the “game” is an EA game.

IMHO, they should just call it an “update”.


The current strategy is that we will have no paid DLCs. All future updates that are planned as a part of converting the game from EA to “complete” will always be free (i.e. stuff like multi-level, multi-terminal, more aircrafts, more objects to build, modding, basically everything we’ve ever mentioned and so forth). However, if we were to undertake some sort of massive project in the future, i.e. implement a full historic time line simulating aviation flight history or converting the game to 3D which would require several thousands of hours then that could possible come in the shape of a DLC or something else. That’s extremely hypothetical though and honestly quite unlikely, but I’m saying that so I don’t box my self in from any future engagements and so that we don’t say something we can’t keep.


Well, i agree with you somewhat, but also, if you think about it, a “free dlc” is just a large game update, adding new content. A dlc is basically a big game update, just sometimes developers and publsihers (coughEAcough) just so happen to put a pricetag on these big updates.


It’s about the branding and the perception though. Yes, technically a free DLC is a large game update. But to the uninitiated, it looks like a cashgrab.

I know of a game which have more than 70+ DLCs, with a lot of them free, and people post threads asking if all DLCs are paid, asking why there are so many DLCs, etc.


I don’t know where you got that a free DLC is an update. The games I have that have DLCs, either free o payed, are all finished, full games. The DLCs are not critical to the functioning of the game but add something that was not originally considered and doesn’t affect the game if you don’t have it. An update, on the other hand, does affect the functionality of the game.

Cities: Skylines is a good example. They have both free and payed DLCs, and wether you have them or not, you can still play a full game without complications. The devs also update the game from time to time, with both minor and major updates, and those updates do make a difference in the game.


or converting the game to 3D

Don’t :wink: Just don’t. Because it is unnecessary and it will just make AirportCEO another airport related game on Steam Store.


Yes it is that way for cities skylines, but it all depends on the game, some have (usually small) updates that purely add content, like (sorry i couldnt think of another example right now) Minecraft.


Agreed. 3d would take out of the game. It would make for a cool cinematic tho.


Please, please, please … give the terminal a roof.
( + plus a “on / off” button or mouseover )

  • design wise my eyes will be thankful to have a short relaxing time and better separation between the terminal scurry and overall outside field.

  • also programing wise the GPU will be thankful


You will get your roof when Devs publish multi-floor feature :slight_smile:


I updated my program a bit. This is what it looks like now:



It’s semi user friendly, but it will export what you select (and everything that is already exported)



“CEOName”:“Steve Easterbrook”,




Test it on release and SHARE it on GitHub!!


If olof and fredrik like where this is going i was thinking of giving it to them or something or maintain it for them, making sure its up to date with the file structure


Uh fine… but still share it on GitHub


As long as it doesn’t include the brands in the base program it should be ok. It could be in conflict with the brands’ licensing policy, meaning they didn’t give a license to the devs to use the brand. It’s the same issue that prompted the need for user created airlines.


Thats why i would maintain the program. People can use it to create the actual mods. But it would mean i can keep it in sync with the latest format


If by global you mean in other countries then Papa John’s is global, because we have it in the UK and I’m sure that its in other countries too.
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