The 3/5 features you want implemented next


Oops :slight_smile: working off a wikipedia page


Papa John’s located in Chile too, also in parts of the Caribbean

  1. Remote Stands/Multiple Terminals
  2. GA Aircraft
  3. Modular Security
  4. Freight terminals / Cargo Planes
  5. Transit Systems, such as metros between terminals, buses to remote stands, trains from cities/car park


So will this be made into a mod for people who have no idea how to do any of this? Also can someone explain to me what modular security is?


People would be able to add their own shop, restaurant, bank, etc. In the game without needing any technical knowledge


We would be able to choose with your data sheet thing? How would we be able to do that? Also I’m kinda new here, do you know if it’s possible yet to put multiple runways?


Hmmm so there is plan for country/region specific airline/shops? Interesting…


Thats the idea yes, that you can choose which shops etc are in your game, to make it more personal


If its done ill make a tutorial or something. But you are able to choose and add your own


Modular Security - (Summarized) Modular Security Checkpoint Infrastructure


Just a couple thoughts that came to mind. Mainly things that I didn’t see mentioned or probably missed…

In terminal transit system - (carts/trams) Here at MSP we use ‘Carts’ that are similar to golf carts to help elderly passengers and family’s (with younger children) get the their gates faster and/or help people running late to flights arrive more quickly.

Alternative Airport Options - Such as ‘outsourcing’ various parts of your airport to logistics companies, (Ex. Postal service/FedEx or Amazon… Obviously with different names) or possibly even military logistics* (A lot of times when soldiers are shipped out to their bases they are sent through airports in ‘Private’ sections that are roped off… Maybe as a random event*?)


Hi there EventHorizon, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Your suggestions have (at least partly) been discussed, where the developers have stated their interest. However, these will not be in the initial release.


Thanks! That really helped!


Does anyone know if luggage carts are in the game? I’m sure I saw a screenshot with them in but thought it was more for aesthetical purposes than actually used by passengers…


They served as testing objects for a while but have since then been removed as they require a bit more complex passenger behavior to implement nicely. They’ll definitely come back as an update though!

Baggage trolley future suggestion

My top list. :grinning:
1.Remote stands
2.Cargo freight terminal
3.Transport system( Metro,Train,Taxi,Rent car, parking garage etc…)
4.New planes (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer)


A catering business to supply airlines with their food. You improve your catering shop from crap to good to excellent and as the food improves, better airlines may sign a contract with you. The drawback is that the more airlines you sign, the higher demand and more efficient your catering shop needs to be. It also takes up space so if you plan to go all out on catering you will have to plan ahead in the design of your airport. If your catering shop fails to deliver the amount of food required or not delivering the food on time would create unhappy airlines, maybe fines to your airport,low staff morale.

Plane mechanic/maintenance shop:
Similar to catering but you offer the airlines a chance to use your facilities to maintain and repair their aircraft. The better the service and more equipment your airport has, the more repairs and maintenance you can offer. The bigger jets would require a huge mechanic shop for them to even contemplate using it. You also need to plan a space in your design as you would need a lot of room to get the best workshop to attract the lucrative big airline contracts.Also a plane being repaired or serviced would need to sit in a space for a while so you would have to schedule correctly for the amount of available slots you have or you may fail to deliver the service on time.

I think this would give the option to specialize your airport into one of these areas if you wanted to add more in depth to the play and also help keep interest in the late game. Specializing could be very profitable if done well, but if your specialization is not so good, fines and disgruntled airlines may send you broke.

Just an idea i would like to see.


Catering hopefully will be implemented quickly! It is huge part of airport ops


Airline HUBs. Ability to build hangers for AC parking and MX for aircraft. Allowing a single Airline to have there own hangers and own terminal wing/gates and ticketing desks


This is my plan for multi level