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The Airport CEO Forum is getting repurposed as the Apog Labs Forum. Jump down to the end of this post for the TL;DR.

Hello everyone!

Since the release of Airport CEO the activity on this forum has dropped significantly, something that of course is entirely expected. With our eyes set on the future, while still maintaining Airport CEO, this forum is of course still an important part of ACEO’s community and a great asset to us as developers, being able to have such swift and direct discussions with you who are playing the game more than us. We never really expected the forum to have such an impact on the way we work since there today are so many other platforms discussions can be had on and so as long as there’s any potential for activity here we want to keep supporting that while also maintaining the history of this space and all the amazing content you’ve created.

However, it is time to broaden the purpose of this forum. There will most likely in the future be another Apog Labs title and launching a new forum, meaning a completely new Discourse instance, is not from an organizational perspective a viable solution. Instead we want to make the legacy of this forum live on in a more generic Apog Labs shape.

Starting early December we will slowly convert the Airport CEO Forum to an Apog Labs Forum. It’ll begin with just a regular overhaul of the visuals, where all major Airport CEO categories will be placed inside an Airport CEO parent category, also including text overhauls and such. Once that’s done we’ll move the domain prefix to Apog Labs instead of Airport CEO. We understand that this makes the forum into something that people did not initially sign up for and so even though you can always request to get your forum account and contents deleted, we’ve allocated a full month for people to learn about this change and make that deletion request if they do not want to be a part of this forum any further. Here’s the TL;DR:

What is changing? :thinking:

We are repurposing the Airport CEO Forum as the Apog Labs Forum, intended to be the one forum for both our games and any other future titles we might make.

What will happen to all of the Airport CEO content? :thinking:

It will remain as part of this forum but moved into a generic Airport CEO parent category.

What happened to the feature request category? :thinking:

As Airport CEO 1.0 is released we are no longer performing implementations of voted features in the same way. However there are still tons of great content and discussions so it’s been moved to the new sub-category suggestions.

I didn’t sign up for this, remove my account! :thinking:

Of course! Follow these steps to have your account permanently deleted:

  1. Send a PM to @Olof stating your request.
  2. Confirm that request by sending the same message to
  3. We will confirm the deletion by replying to your e-mail.

Please note that you can ask to have your account deleted at any time and not just now during this upcoming “grace period” ahead of the forum change.

The floor is now open to any questions or concerns! :slight_smile:


Exciting times. :heart: :flight_departure: :rocket:


Excited for what the future has to offer!

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Ah, that explaines the 100 notifications :smiley: ~ into the future we go!


Makes perfect sense.

I have a few PDX titles and their forums are divided the same way. To avoid having to plough through the full Forum tree, I have bookmarked the game parent pages rather than the forum index page.


Thank you for such a great article!

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