The Better Maple Mod

I worked for a couple of hours and have made the first new aircraft for my better Maple mod. I present to you the Maple Link B1900D.


w o w. I am in love with this right away.

does maple link support medium aircraft

No. Maple Link will be a regional subsidiary of regular Maple using Cessna 208s, DHC 6, and the B1900D

Thank you! It’ll be on the workshop eventually!

The CRJ200s are done! I took inspiration from Air Canada Jazz. They along with ERJ170, Q400, CRJ700, BAE, and the ATRs will form Maple Connection.


If would work with me, I can start putting together a Air Canada Rouge equivalent.

Will the whole mod be in one contract? Also, Can I use it with the original default maple contract?

Tvat is workin, we provided templates for, just pm me

Yes you can use it with the default Maple contract. I’m not sure if it will be in one contract that contains all the airlines or if there will be a contract for each individual airline (Maple Link, Maple Connection, and Maple).

so what is this called so i can search this on steam?

I haven’t released it yet. It will be out as a trial version soon and will stay up for around a week before I close the mod down and finish things up and make the necessary improvements.

oh, can’t wait for the release


Special 737 Alert!

The newest addition to the mod is a special livery 737-800. Credit to @Beumer for his updated 737800 template!

Feel free to join our discord for more progress updates that we don’t post on the Airport CEO forum.

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The E190s are done! Just need to fix the winglet on the ‘Go Leafs Go’ livery. The E190s will feature Canadian sports teams and their achievements.

Want to follow our progress? Join our Discord!


The Q400s are done! Now we only to finish the CRJ700s and ATRs and Maple Connection will be complete!