The big topic of features and where to find them


Hey there CEO’s :slight_smile:
There has been an increase in new topics lately as new CEOs join us in giving the developers more work,
I mean thinking of cool ways to expand the game.
This brings with it the issue of having a lot of topics asking the same questions.
To try and streamline this a bit better I would like to present to you:

The big topic of features and where to find them

The idea is that we have 1 topic containing (hopefully) all feature requests,
with a link to interesting discussions regarding said feature.

I can’t do this alone of course, so I would like to ask you to go over this list and let me know
if I missed anything. Either a feature that has not been named or an interesting discussion.
Once I incorporate your post, I will remove it here, to keep this topic as clean as possible.

Thank you for your help :smiley:
tl;dr; Post here with links to discussions regarding features or missing features. I WILL moderate this topic heavily

Car Park Airport
Monorail and passport control
Levels, Hotels, And Transport
Airport Events
Vehicle upgrading and airport pollution
Check-in desk improvement
Moving Floor for Passengers
Wet textures when raining
Stands just for some airlines
Ramp Agents arriving before the aircrafts
Airport signs!
Feature Voting Guidelines :mega:

Aircraft + Air side operations


Runway & Taxiway

  • Bigger prefab runway

  • Custom build

  • Runways crossing each other

  • Custom naming

  • High speed exit

  • ILS

  • PAPI

  • Taxi way direction control

  • Distinct line between Taxiway and Apron


Land Connectivity: Connecting the Airport to the outside world .
Airside vehicles/ staff .

  • Train station

  • Metro / Subway

  • Car parks (long + short)
    Car parks in game

  • More outside connections

  • Taxi / Limo

  • Rental

  • Cars for ramp agents / Follow me vehicles

  • Air side buses
    Shuttle Busses

  • Mono rail / People mover

  • Construction vehicles

  • Tugs

  • Belt loaders
    Belt loader vehicle (incl render of idea)

  • Catering truck

  • Assign vehicles to depots

  • Assign vehicles to areas

  • Road direction control

  • Road vehicle type control (i.e. Bus only)

  • Underpasses / Overpasses

  • Seasonal vehicles (i.e. Snow removal)

  • Vehicle leasing vs buying

  • Logos on vehicles

  • More vehicle choices / Vehicle upgrades (Price vs Fuel efficiency vs Speed, etc)

  • Vehicles requiring fuel

  • One way (service) roads
    One way roads and taxi's

  • Multilane roads

  • land side vehicle destinations
    Transport destinations (land side)


Buildings & Objects

  • Cargo terminal

  • Queues as separate objects, linkable to multiple destinations

  • Air side walkways (blue, auto secure)

  • Moving walkways

  • Prefab terminals

  • Storage buildings

  • Aircraft hangar

  • Hotels / outside commercial zones
    Hotels or Fuel Stations

  • Admin buildings

  • Police

  • Fire department

  • One way doors
    One-way doors between different type of areas

  • Daycare

  • Faith zone

  • Passenger class exclusive zones / objects

  • Separate texture from color in floors and walls

  • Colorable wall / floor tiles

  • More decorative objects

  • Glass / windows

  • Signs (custom text or auto fill, mouse over for detail)

  • Signs used as Pathfinding hints

  • Check in kiosk

  • De-icing

  • Ticket desk

  • Assign / theme a zone to a specific airline

  • Colorable walkways

  • Colorable lights

  • Being able to build over existing stuff (i.e. a tilt tray over existing belt)

  • Dismantling and storage

  • Curves

  • Undo last x steps

  • Change the bus stop shape

  • Fleshed out item deterioration (reduced appeal)

  • Terminal lighting

  • Multiple levels of terminal (Not terrain)

  • Conveyor belt levels

  • Baggage handling improvements
    Baggage, Baggage Belts, Baggage Trains
    Baggage handling improvements

  • Building materials. More (distinguishable) types

  • No box stacking in delivery area

  • PA system objects

  • moving objects
    Make furniture movable



Passengers & Behaviour


Game play

Unofficial ACEO Mod Manager .

Translate the game? .

Vending machines with food,drinks.Serving food on Board the aircraft.


  • UI scaling

  • Different aspect ratios other than 16:9

  • Right mouse dragging

  • Visual artifacts of weather (puddles)
    Wet textures when raining

  • Show shortcuts on tooltip

  • Fast forward button in main speed control

  • ‘Go to’ button on dialogs
    "Go to" on warning popups


Finally got around to updating this topic. All ideas mentioned have been added. :slight_smile:

If you feel a particular idea needs more discussion, then by all means create a new topic that i can link to


Hello, I am new, and was wondering if anyone has suggested a tool that allows us to select the percentage degradation level at which automatic repairs are carried out? If not, I was hoping that once the COO Auto Repair function is fully operational, perhaps we can select the percentage at which we want the repairs to begin for Runways, and Stands.