The Default Test Airport Design Contest


@Matex you probably refer to the runway exits. I actually would like to build diagonal taxiways :wink:


I see and I cannot agree more.


It’s nice to be building something to show off with, @Olof, can you fix a certain low priority bug to let us get the beaty of the airport to a new level?
I’m talking about the coloring option not working on floors. It is obviously there, and shows a colored floor in the example screen, but it doesn’t place the floors with the selected color


Well that’s new to me :astonished: I’ve been wanting a Red colour floor for a long time for security stations.


It’s actually not the only thing precolor selection isn’t working, but everything else are objects wich alexander’s painting tool can select.


Am I allowed to use a real city in my airport name?


@Olof is it okay if i extend the world borders, or i must use the default 700 x 700 size?


@Seraphin how did you get the actuall aviobridge/jetway ?

I have tried and failed every time i have tried.


Which one do you mean?

Jetways on the stand itself? It’s a upgrade of the stand. If you click your stand, you’ll see a button with an arrow upwards. There’ll you find upgrades for the object.

Or do you mean my extension of the jetway between stand, bus stops and boarding desks? Thats a simple foundation with walls. You can decorate with windows too.


Well, the bug is rather the fact that you can open the coloring panel. Colored floors are not supported at this point because of the merging technique we use to reduce draw calls.

Preferably not… :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it has to be the default size.


@Olof default 700 x 700 size, is that one square?

If so, a medium runway does not fit in such a square.


Sorry, I was being unclear, I mean that you’re of course allowed to unlock all tiles in the map, just not edit the overall map size via the .json file! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just sent my airport for the contest :smiley:

FKH Alpenrhein Airport

Fictional airport located near the small city of Feldkirch in the alpine rhine valley in Austria, just next to the borders of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. :slight_smile:

Good luck everybody, have a nice challenge. :smiley:

edit: Shit happens, there’s a mistake with the 36’ PAPI light. My OCD didn’t help to find it before submission. :blush:


That is a nice layout Seraphin. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Welcome to this fictional airport near Idre in middle Sweden. Ski tourism has had a huge boom and this new airport will accommodate both small regional flights out to the resorts as well as national and international connections.

For you guys with OCD, please don’t have a stroke :wink:
Enjoy the tour!


I like your second adjacent stand without jetway, as it shows both possibilities to use this kind of stands. That’s great for new players. I’ve been thinking about that myself (guess my OCD decided against :smiley: )

Also I like your staff rooms with cafeteria elements. Didn’t think about that, but also didn’t like to use tricks to get elements into places they can’t be put into without these tricks. I think this could confuse new players. It could be a quest for some though, how to get them there. :slight_smile:

edit: Just recognized your baggage scanners … don’t think that’s the way how it’s meant to be by game design?


haha maybe not but it works :smiley: (i saccutally don’t know exactly how to use them correctly) Will most definitely read up on that then :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for input :smiley:


Don’t see anything wrong with the scanners that is how I use mine as they reject bags and have them destroyed


As far as I know, these scanners are used in a way, that rejected bags get a more specific additional scan, before they get destroyed. Else you would just need the 3rd tier scanner only. :slight_smile:

edit: Don’t mind all these organic scanners, there should be one of each type of 2nd tier scanner instead. Another mistake in my contribution, looks like I’ve been to much in a hurry. :expressionless:

edit2: After some testing I think I’ve found another bug: All 2nd tier scanners get replaced by organics scanners, after a reload. Can anyone confirm? Reported as: ACEO-11712

@88ekke After a closer look onto your screen, I think your airport is affected too? Not sure though, as the symbols are rather small.


Can confirm that! I also had all 5 different kinds of the second tier scanners

Edit: i also have the remote stand bug where ONE ramp agent gets stuck or left behind at the stand.