The Default Test Airport Design Contest


I’m still workin’ on mine :wink:


Wow! Awesome builds! :heart: Really looking forward to testing 'em out once the contest closes.

For any winning entry we can surely arrange “last minute” fixes.


Is it possible to use an airport that we’ve already got? AND, Can it have more than

  • Have exactly four terminal adjacent small stands and two terminal adjacent medium stands (non-remote) for commercial flights
  • Have exactly one remote small stand and one remote medium stand for commercial flights??

I have an airport similar, but was curious…



Well, no, exactly means exactly in this case unfortunately… :stuck_out_tongue:


Can an airport have funds deficit? Negative funds? Because there is no way to not pay for building. But it makes money, so I assume you would tweak it in the save files?


Use command “motherlode” in console to give 1 million cash.


You don’t need to have positive funds, no, but the airport should be profitable.



What’s up with the top right check in desk belt?


I’d do this if I didn’t have a knack for building broken airports :wink:


Gaaah… its not supposed to be flipped. :confounded:

must have missed it :scream:


Been trying to find my save in files, but I couldn’t find it. I’m using a PC that runs windows 10


Look for something like:

C:/User/‘name’/AppData/Remote/Apoasis Studios/…

Important to know, AppData is a hidden directory. You can manually enter/add it in explorers adress input box, once you are in your user directory. Or you can set explorer to show hidden files and directories.


I have submitted my entry,

Outback International Airport. OIA

Located in the Australian Outback, serving a population of sheep and horse farmers, and the growing tourist industry. With the planned opening of Outback innovation zone featuring theme parks, film studio and the Outbacks biggest shopping mall, there is plenty of room to expand the airport to meet the growing needs.


I tried small, but ended up with this,

Full Airport Daytime

Full airport Night Time

I have 2 seperate checkin area's because my secure zone is divided in 2, do you like the lights on the que's?

Here are my (edited) board members, not what you guys were guessing at, still i hope you see and like the creativity.

If you want to watch me calling a board meeting, her's a link to the YouTube vid
If there’s a way to display the vids directly in a post, pls tell me

I think i’ve shown the most of it now.

Edit: oh snap, only now i see the missing piece of conveyor belt at one of the checkins.


I love the board meeting video! :rofl:

I also really like the check-in desks design. I would just remove the Christmas decorations as it’s long overdue :stuck_out_tongue:.

Good work!


Looks like I’ll be submitting my airport at the last minute :joy:, almost done but not quite there


See it as writing a DEV blog or uploading an update, see it in like its a Monday/Thursday, but then Monday™/Thursday™, so, soonish™ when the deadline approaches.


Hey @Olof, can you confirm that you guys have received my save and if it works as it should?


No, I can’t, not yet as the competition closes tonight at 23:59. We will then tomorrow check all of the (amazing) submissions we’ve received! If you want to make revisions to a submitted airport that’s fine, if so then add “revision” in the subject line of the new e-mail! :slight_smile: