The Default Test Airport Design Contest


You mean i can send my airport again with the mistakes i found afterwards solved? If so, is that also limited to untill the deadline?


Yes, of course!

Any new submissions sent in after the deadline will not be considered, however if we find mistakes or if a contender sends in a revision during the review process we will accept that. :slight_smile:

closed #65

The contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated. We will go through the results and review the submissions over the weekend. The winner will then be announced here!


Just a short update: We are still testing out and evaluating the submissions. Thank you for your patience!

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #68

Hey again. Due to the heavy focus on new development, the implementation of the test airport feature has been delayed. However, it will be dealt with next week and a winner announced. Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile: