The in game tutorials should be changed


None of the current in game tutorials mention anything about service technicians, it’s not clear from following the tutorials what they do or why they are needed. There needs to be something about service technicians in the in game tutorials for new players to understand certain aspects of gameplay.

The current in game tutorial for international airport mentions that passengers spend most of their time in the airside areas of the terminal, and that this should be considered when placing shop and food rooms. From experience I would say that the opposite is true certainly most of my passengers and more time before In the unsecured zone rather than the secure zone. it’s certainly the case that in every airport that I have built so far, shops and food rooms that are located outside of the secure zone make far more sales (up to 5 or 6 times as many) than if I have the same shop or food room in the secure zone. This needs changing in the in game tutorial as well


After security I discovered that there is a relation between shop location and secure entree point. Shops that are near secure entree points, have most sales. Consider this when placing shops.


Certainly true but my shops outside the secure zone still outsell even the best secure zone shops