The map has lot of bugs

When I click more than once on the map. It resets my view and I need to find that location again. One more thing. It’s not bug but it’s bad on the maps. And I mean unclear of the map. I can’t even find cities.

Hello! Not sure exactly what you mean, “It’s not bug but it’s bad on the maps”? Would need a more detailed explanation to fully understand your issue.

I think what he means is that, the previous map was somehow better? On current map you cannot see country borders and cities. It is a terrain map.

Yeah, that’s intended. With the old map we received a lot of e-mails regarding disputed territories, i.e. places around the globe which multiple countries have a claim on. When placing an airport down on the map the general location in the world, and it’s nearest city, is really what’s most interesting to look at and in conjunction with the above mentioned issue those were the changes we needed to do.

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I understand territories, but couldn’t cities be re-added? Even just capital cities would make it easier to find a good location for an airport.

Cities are still in? That’s the one label you have when you select spots on the map, “closest city”.

I think the issue here is that it’s harder to find where the city near which you want to place the airport is on the map, by just looking at the satellite imagery. If you don’t know the exact location of it, you need to search for it by placing the marker a couple of times around the area you think the city is until it will appear at top as the closest city.


User intent: Wants to build an airport in Dubai
User: Doesn’t know exactly where dubai is
Map Improvement: but being a large enough city, Dubai deserves a permanent pin on the map.
Result: User can easily find large cities


Instead of large cities I’d like to have large airports shown in the map. Most of the time I want to “rebuild” an existing airport and use the same location no matter whether it’s within a city or far outside of it.


What I meant were markers (like others said). Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to find a city on the satellite map, so markers would be very useful.

Maybe a search function can help.

The best solution would be a world map with cities but without countries and/or borders. But I don’t think there is such a map around the world.

The ACTUAL BEST solution would be using Google Earth in game and show it on “airport selection” page with globe view (rather than 2D map). Since it will be online, for players on China it shows Google’s China map but for Russian players it shows Google’s Russian map.

But it is hard to archive :smiley:

I would like that also smaller cities near airport locations would be added to the map. I would like to make an airport at the location of the local airfield, but I don’t get the right nearest city. I get Antwerp, Oostend (different country) or Rotterdam. :pensive:

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