The map is not visible


Where the map should be it is only a grayish screen.


Do you have internet connection?


I’m looking this screen too.
I have internet connection, and checked firewall and security settings is OK.

  • Did you try to verify game files via Steam?
  • What is your game specs? On which resolution and detail level you are playing the game? (Also on windowed or Full-screen)?


Yes, I tried verify files.
And I tried some resolution(1920x1080…etc), some graphics quality, windowed and full screen.

But I can play on another PC, I think the problem is cause by PC specs.

Core i7 6700T, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070(8GB RAM), Win10Pro

Core i5, 8GB RAM, on board intel HD graphics(1GB system shared RAM), Win7Pro

I can play on the 1st PC, so I not necessary more information.
Thank you for support.


I wonder how the map is rendered, is an on board GPU able too?


i was once playing on the onboard gpu for over a month without realising, it had less performance but not crappy. It was with ohter games though.


That’s a very old bug that’s been in the pipeline for ages and usually occurs if you boot the game the first time without an internet connection. What happens if you re-install it and boot it with an internet connection (only for the first time)?