The New Website Screenshot Contest


Very, very nice screenshots! :sob:



Lets add another one, 4 way crossing for baggage.


here are some of mine from Coventry International Airport.


Just trying my luck hahaha


i know, its with UI and an older version, but still i made quite an effort to look ot that nice, this airport brings my PC to a limitโ€ฆ
maybe you also show the development with a โ€œtimelineโ€ of old-save-screenshots, so maybe you can also need older oneโ€™sโ€ฆ





Ya, i like big airports hahaha.


how about my newest cafe, with views of the airfieldโ€ฆ


or some ones from a small airfield


Contest screenshots: :grinning:

Additional screenshots (not for the contest!)

Just used conveyer belts as moving walkways. :smile:


Some Photos of my Regional Airport:


I thought some weather might be interesting.



Itโ€™s already 22nd of Decemberโ€ฆ so who is the winner? Iโ€™m curious, so many great screnshots to choose :drooling_face:


There were 12 winners overall, including yourself.


Some people and โ€œalertsโ€ โ€ฆ especially โ€œalertsโ€ related to badges :smiley:


I actually had a screenshot go up on the website as well.

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