The one and only Discord

Hi there fellow future CEO’s.

As some of you might know, there has been a kerfuffle surrounding the original fan made Discord channel :slight_smile:

Now that the dust has settled we proudly present to you the one and only Discord channel, where you can chat with fellow CEO’s about this game and others, share your memes (although that particular channel was closed…we weren’t dank enough i guess :stuck_out_tongue: ) and just hang out and have a good time… after you’re done with the forum of course :smiley:

So wait no longer, and click this link to join us

Edit: Updated link. It now points to the info and rules :slight_smile:


Hurrah! :grin:

Yeah! Make sure you come and join us!

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We need a new link to join! The old one is expired :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming right up!


Guys looks like something had happened to Discord server.

It’s gone!

PS: I also saw this on 3 other Discord servers, so…

Its back

Discord servers had a Downtime, and sorry for the late reply!

I am having problems with my discord. Tried searching on the internet but nothing seems to work?

any dedicated discord guide ?