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@Olof Don’t get me wrong, I have a great deal of respect for you two! But you need to keep people happy :wink:

To the best of our abilities and resources, that is always the end goal! :smiley: :airplane:


Actually, they don’t ‘need’ anything… Some years ago, it was normal to keep most development projects closed and don’t share anything about it until it’s done. I think that we need to be happy that Olof & Frederik are putting their time in keeping us up-to-date in the best way they can… :slight_smile:


That’s a strategy you can use when developing a game.
But they decided not to do that, and let people see a lot of the development part of the game. Gives a lot of transparency and I really like to see every tiny bit becoming the final game when it’s finisht.

But when you’re not that a big of a company you need to keep it up, otherwise you will lose people.
And I don’t like to see that. I’m not an impatient guy. It’s just a tip to help them. I have seen some games in this stage and it’s get a lot of rage comments and it’s easy to tackle those by tiny things like this.


I completely agree with you, but I just see some people reacting on this forum as if they have ‘already paid’ for something. I’m sure that the devs know that we can’t wait for the video and the release, so we don’t need to point that out in every post. Everyone should also keep in mind that the time that the devs spent in writing a devlog is time that could be used for programming or making the video… Aaaaand, as they’ve already said in another topic:

The video will drop really, really, really, really soon. Like, really soon (not shitting you).

So, let’s all be happy and look forward to the video that is dropping really really really soon :stuck_out_tongue:


And they’ll probably make a minor devlog when they release the video too, from what I’ve seen on Twitter.

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They already made a minor DevLog just above in this thread.

Just some gifs, and it would have been our normal, beloved weekly DevLog.

I know I have been impatient last week (I calmed down), but seeing that atleast development took place, I don’t mind waiting.

@Olof sensed some fire and thus came up with an extinguisher plan…it worked quite well.

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See tweet by the devs on the link below!!


There was already a Twitter thread present, should have posted there😑

Excitement level crossing limits​:fearful::anguished::frowning::dizzy_face::skull_and_crossbones:
Tomorrow morning (for me), I’ll get up and find that my/our beloved video is released. :heart_eyes:

I know, but I believe this news is major enough that it needs it’s own thread.

Also what’s with all the negativity towards other posters in your replies? Been noticing it for a while and I can’t stop myself from calling you out anymore.

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:boom: :persevere:

Nice! :slight_smile: Thanks for posting this, but it would’ve been better indeed to post this in the already existing Twitter feed thread… (If the video itself was dropped, you could’ve made a new thread)

No problem people, I’ll just merge this with the existing thread. We’ll make a new one when it’s out so you can discuss your impressions! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it! :smiley:


That’s my attitude I guess. I try to be as normal as possible, but people just misunderstand me. People misunderstanding me is not a new thing.:cry:

I am trying to change my ways of expression but till that get used to it. And by the way which posts included negativity?? I may review them, so I can learn from my mistakes.

And also in the above post, I never meant to show negativity towards you. Forget it, I am different.

Maybe it’s your username haha!
No worries we are all here to enjoy this game so let’s stand together :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the video ! Sadly I’m working late haha

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I would rather they have kept the video release time a secret, tbh. I like the surprises.

Was it you who told me off for being a bit of an arse to people? Not sure but that’d be mildly amusing if it was :stuck_out_tongue:

4-6 hours guys!! In Sweden, the timezone on Google says it’s almost 8pm there!!!

Hahaha, you could maybe make a counter :joy:

The devs often keep quite unsocial hours and it isn’t uncommon for the develogs to come out some time after midnight CET (a testament to how hard they’re working), so I wouldn’t worry if it isn’t out by midnight.

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