The Spirit of Cargo

So with the airport I’m working on, I managed to expand the map size (not recommended). I have to move the hangars to the other side of the old runway, and somehow left the space that fits in some medium stands and parking lots. After putting on the stands and parking lots I realized that the setting really looks like a cargo terminal. Just can’t help daydreaming that cargo would be added one day.

Nevermind the lines, they are just there to save the traffic

Yet it reminds me of some interesting experiences when I took some red-eye flights. When the aircraft landed near midnight, that I walked down from the stair truck finding myself lost in the ocean of cargo. (Not actually, the bus is still waiting there lol) As the bus started to take me to the terminal, all I can see on the adjacent stands are the lovely cargo plane. FedEx, SF, etc. It is regretful that I never saw a China Southern 74F, but I did see a Qatar 77F once this year. It was at that moment that I finally realized that I haven’t seen any foreign aircraft for so long, till now almost a year. Anyway, as more and more vaccines are coming out, let’s hope the pandemic would end soon and international travel will be back to normal. Wish more and more foreign airlines will be seen in my hometown!


Regarding the lines, I have such lines to split the ways to avoid some intersections so that the planes don’t wait a century for some plane coming from the other side of the map. Damn it’s so hard to run an airport with 95 stands, though the game is still running quite smoothly comparing to Alpha versions, so I maybe continue expanding it. Well, in order to bear the air traffic brought by the 95 stands, there’re 10 runways serving in the airport. The hard to believe is the airport is still organized (comparing to the traffic completely messed up). And if anyone with some stronger CPU would like to keep expanding it, the save is attached. But there’re a lot of airlines/supplier/franchise mods so not sure if it still works.

Attached save .zip file:
London Experimental Airport (“Experimental” is just another common straightforward way of naming experimental thing in China)
Really don’t know why I chose London but I’m surprised to find out that Luton is in Africa.