The way of bugs

Hey all,

Can someone of you explain the „behave“ of bugs? If i find a bug in my game, does that mean, that everybody has the bug as well, because of the game code? Or are the bugs only specific?

Thank you!

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I would say, most bugs in the game have other users as well. But there can also be issues only by the used operating system, the users individual hardware or issues caused by other software on the user’s computer.

Whatever it is, to find that out it is important to report them with the ingame bug report tool :wink:


Thank you!
I did. But nobody reacted to my report and I can‘t find the bug on trello.

So I ask myself if only I have the bug or also others

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Bugs only appear there after a pre-selection by the devs. I guess over the last days they received several hundred new bugs to sort out. :smiley:


We have a pretty big backlog with bugs at the moment! I have nothing else to add to @no-fun’s explanation other than since we get so many reports it is probably quite rare that you see your own processed. If we get 50 bug reports on the same issue, only one is processed and the others are archived because otherwise it would take us all day to process each and every bug made, rather than actually fixing them.


Thanks @Olof, does that mean that you also fix bugs and don’t even list or mention them?
So can I play again and my bug is fixed? :wink:

No, they are mentioned. Check the current forum thread like Beta 1 released and then find Olof’s post highlighted in yellow. These are normally bug patches, so you can seem if that bug, or something similar, has been patched! Hope this was helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, 99% of all fixes are listed in the patch notes, the rare occasional minor fix may not be mentioned due to admin costs but anything that’s notable is always mentioned.

@Olof, I see. Thank you very much. But can I assume that my bug will be fixed or how can I bribe you? :wink:

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I don’t know what your bug is, you need to let me know the bug report number so that I can check it out. :slight_smile:

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hahaha @Olof, Of course this is an argument ;).
the issue no is : 32992

thank you!!