The window topic


What about this? Wall is 0.25 meter width (1/4 of current width and also 1/4 of grid). It will only be eyecandy. Game will see it as 1 meter thich wall (pax won’t walk on it, nothing can be placed on it except doors and windows, the rooms cannot be added on it, areas will be covered under the wall) but players will see it as 0.25 meter thick wall.

Of course current doors and windows will need to be changed to adjust these walls.


so the thickness of the doors will also have to be changed right ?


so the thickness of the doors will also have to be changed right ?

No, the location of door has to be changed. It has to be in center of wall. So its location will be 0.375 meters away from center of grid.


Making the visual part of the wall a fraction of the tile would create some awkwardness I think. For example, how would you position a sofa up against it? If you are creating a wall through the middle of a foundation, what determines which side of the tile it goes on? Would walls become a rotatable object?

I feel I would become irritated by a single wall attempting to symmetrically cut a room in half only to have it off to one side.

Regarding the windows, I think it’d be interesting if they served as a passenger amenity, boosting their satisfaction and/or fun, so you would see passengers occasionally stop and look out.




Nice :wink:

But still… 1 meter walls… :sob:


Walls are not going to change :wink:

(sorry :wink: )


Looks Good, but if i may make a suggestion: Split it up in 3 pieces, 2 endings and a centerpiece. This way people can make it as long as they want without having wallpieces inbetween.
The model you show here is already prefect for the plitting in my opinion, 3 blocks endpieces and a 2block centerpiece.


Or if Fredrik can make it ‘drawable’ windows, we don’t need the extra pieces :+1:


the model is actually 3 pieces in the screenshot :wink:

wall blocks on both sides are not on the actual asset :wink:



these sides are added to make sure they blend nicely with the walls (due to the tilted sides)


While you fixing stuff, how about not being able to build glass objects outside terminal blocks :wink:

And this I call the “outside” wall gallery. Very handy when demonstrating glass walls in a commercial fashion. No terminal block in sight :wink:

Daytime view.


That’s not me :wink:
I only create the design, I don’t do the actual implementation or coding around and object :slight_smile: but ill let them know :smiley: