There's definitely something wrong with construction


Can’t even get back in for a bug report yet… but this little change nearly brought the game to its knees… just waiting for it to clear, but um… it was 6 foundation tiles an then deleting the walls from it…


The first wall cleared, but deleting the second wall did it again…

bug didnt give me a number


Make 2 save games from this game.

Take the first Save and load it, disable Building and Simulation in F10, make a bug report after, note the BugID_NR.

Take the second save, and mail it to the devs, I send you the mail in your PM. Include the BUG ID within the email header.

To mail the Save easily; find the save-game folder, package your save-game complete folder with Gzip or Winrar or another packer, attach the packaged save-game.


Post update, I’ve had it happen twice now… and I don’t know what things cause it, but deleting some of the objects costs money… I don’t have a save file either, but one of the items seems to have a “-” in the value returned field. @olaf On a side note, that file that I spoke of with the increasing the size of the map where I confirmed the errors in the construction before update, the update opened it beautifully and began building… and then destroying the items as I took the bull dozer to them. The people moved methodically through the items taht had been built pre and post update. Good show!!


Feel free to “resolve” this post. As a last well done… the multiple construction delivery sites is simply awesome. I’ve always wondered why things wouldnt’ be dropped off at some sort of stagin area close to the job site rather than a single delivery “dock” no matter what the item…


I killed the game with new construction… I can send a bug report, but I think my computer will be processing the changes until Tuesday… the amazing part… it hasn’t crashed, per say… it’s just meandering its way through a massive airport construction job on pause. The particular task that really brought it to the screeching halt wasn’t the actual construction, it was the size of a particular secured area that I tried to format… 52 small squares by (13x10x4) =.>500+60ish small squares. changing it all from unsecured to secured… Indeed, It’s my fault… I know this… I said I’d try to break it… I do ponder though the notion that every small square in the database must have a “securitysetto” field with either unsecured or secured… seems like there’d be a much more inutitive and smaller way to store that particular trait… If that’s actually what’s going on… Figure I’ll see you on Tuesday or something… maybe it’ll complete the task while I"m sleeping… I’d hate to lose this as I hadn’t saved since I had started it… oh well… lesson learned… make secured areas in slow increments and only as one needs them in huge snadbox mode like airports…


only it cleared it and kept on ticking… wow… that’s rock friggin solid.


Now, it’s game on.



I’m a bit confused, is the game still running and are the contractors still building, or is the game indeed broken?


The game is running great actually… this is the older post, that I originally had posted before Olaf rebuilt the whole thing… this is the recent attempt to crash it by volume load… and it didnt crash at all… which is awesome


The plot thickens ACE 11091 (?) The construction state of structures doesn’t seem to be transitioning appropriately to permanance. The room state of a new baggage claim room stayed, but it lost the belts themselves. I submitted a bigger description on this in the bug report.

I lost a bunch of objects. I think there needs to be a priority system where the workers will “always” build foundations first" I think in most ways, except a select few, the objects were build before the foundation underneath was completed.

Is anyone else having these problems? I note, it could easily be because of the size of my build Q, but things that were built are no more built or showing up. The next logical problem I wonder is if those objects remain in the database.


There was a critical fix in Alpha 29.12-2 for the construction system that might be the cause of this but I am not sure. This however sounds more like an issue relating to dispatchment of construction orders rather than delivered material, regardless I will check this issue tomorrow as it’s a good stress test which you said! :slight_smile:


That can’t be the correct number unfortunately, do you remember what you titled the report?


It was submitted yesterday, had construction , and odd in the subject. Unfortunately, I don’t. The one I just submitted that you quote is within the last hour or so if you’re able to sort them by time submitted. Maybe odd behavior by construction workers. The image submitted was the weird zig-zag completion of the terminal foundations.


  1. I think the center of that spot is the lowest corner and the place where I clicked to start the building. the other concourses were all added layer, but the huge one on the left came in one giant click. They’re coming from different places to all build around the same spot.

I wish we could remove the star system from construction contractors and have it based entirely upon their capacity and my wallet. I would kill for a 4 star company right now. I’m pretty sure those same companies would kill for a start form scratch airport construction project of this size too.


5 star company, minimum… depending on Airline satisfaction of-course.


It lives!!!


Interesting that they’re ignoring the plane stands and airplane taxiway. I hope this means they’re prioritizing foundations (and maybe service roads) first as those objects arriving before the various pieces are in place can get weird.
I like what I’m seeing, inf only I could see it with ~200 construction workers.


If only “demolishing” task had prio over all other tasks, then you could prebuild on, when remodeling or shifting airport stream of traffic.


I’m actually really pleased with the new changes thus far. Been some bumps, but otherwise, it’s meandering its way through building a terminal and tarmac for 108 medium stands… it didn’t crash, it didn’t quit life… they just quietly do their thing. and the terminal spreads like a fungus.