Thoughts on moving 7k people through security


Part of the thing I love about this game is the application of workflow thinking into it. I do some stuff professionally that makes me try and think in this manner… It also makes me learn about Markov Chains…which fascinate me… why do people/objects do what they do… especially in a work environment.

They actually move quite quickly through it. The security checkpoint is currently a humongous traffic jam… This game is teaching me or confirming what I already knew to be true… bigger is not better, centralization usually results in stupidly high amounts of waste hidden in a guise of “gains in efficiency”… It hasn’t worked a single time yet… tried to move to a central vehicle depot region and it resulted in a traffice jam of epic proportions… rebuilt the vehicle depots up top as well… no more traffic jams… I know I need to rethink the baggage bays. I also know I have way too many passenger check-ins… wasted space., wasted coin, wasted time.

I’m also fumbling my arse off on the success of the shops/cafes… that’s next on my list of stuff…


Ground vehicles are my biggest grip right now. They are so dumb. Push back trucks not in place in time. They are in the early stages of the game, very early. As you get further into it they get later and later. I had a vehicle depot just next to the fuel depot. Deleted it. Working from a single one now. That’s being worked on though with the ability to assign vehicles to stands.

They have two separate secure zones too and work as two independent terminals. T3 is about to go in on the far left. T1 Air New Zealand, T2 Qantas, T3 Virgin Aus and everything else.


I use 5 security member per big secure station as ratio.


As a Bachelor in Logistics & Economics, I know a lot about flow management / process management too; that is why I love this game :smiley: and dislike current loan system.


It also helps to have separated secure zones to divide the load.


i didnt realise you can change the security based at one station. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: