Tilt Trays not working

I was told that you can only connect one baggage claim to one baggage bay, is that true?? If not, I need help with my baggage system and I need someone to tell me what I’m doing wrong. and that message in red keeps popping up even though there should be no problem finding a route to the baggage bay lol

I think for anyone to help you, we need to see the whole baggage path. this doesn’t help anyone.

A baggage claim can only be assigned to one baggage bay, that’s true, but you can assign as many baggag claims as you want to the same baggage bay. It will then automatically decide which baggage claim to use for which flight (which actually doesn’t work all that well, I always get most of the flights assigned to the same baggage claim - but at least it doesn’t affect operations).

A screenshot of the underground baggage system would indeed be helpful to see the whole routing between baggage bay and the baggage claims.