Tips for profit on start

Having only one commercial airport, how can we start without having to borrow and make a profit?

Without the expensive luggage system, it seems difficult to make a profit.

Remembering that the doubt is for the CEO level.

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Finish the GA or Regional airport tutorial and you get 1 million dollars

Also, medium flights make money so get to thoughs fast

Franchise Shops… they make the most of my money…


I tend to research most things, buy the next plot of land and go straight for medium with a backbone of GA to support. As Bastosf said, shops too, they really help.

It is difficult to start at the most difficult level of passage without credit. Both times I took an initial loan, but it is paid off without any problems.
A small airfield with 8-10 stops generates ~ $ 120,000 in net profit per day on commercial aircraft. This is without deductibles and luggage systems. If another 8-10 parking lots are built nearby at the same terminal, the profit will increase accordingly.

The franchise system, in my opinion, is crooked. We open a store, we do not achieve the sales target, but it brings us a lot of rental income, and we still renegotiate the contract again and again, because our airport has rating stars. What kind of entrepreneur will pay rent again if the last time the sales plan was not fulfilled, and he did not earn ?!

If the entrepreneur has not earned more than once, then either he cannot open the store again, or the airport must lose money in order to attract the entrepreneur again. So, at the moment, the franchise system is just a cheat that increases our current account.

The Shop Franchises are still broken… if you run your airport at speed 1… you meet the targets (on smaller airports) if you run at speed 3… then you don’t and get a lot less money from franchises…
further in the game the 5 start shops… on a bigger terminal produce like 1.5 million per day… which is not really realistic… but we’re still on beta and there are some stuff that still needs to be balanced.