Tips, Tricks, and What I've Learned - A running list


Rather than having to search for things the more experienced players have learned, scroll through the feed below. Hopefully we might keep this a running feature. Feel free to add to or take away from what I’ve built if you think it’s relevant.
If you add anything, only make it one post and edit it each time you want to update your own personal ideas.

Brief airport preferences/structure as a guide for seeing why we have the list below
Small Stands: 0
Medium Stands: 81
Remote Stands: 0
Runways: 5 Arrival only 4 Departure Only
Service Vehicles: 0
Concourses: 9

  • If there’s weirdness, save the game under a new name and reload it. It fixes a lot of stuff.
  • Keep break rooms small and specific. Too many staff in an area means they have to travel farther to get to jobs.
  • Ramp Agent only break rooms right next to the baggage bay
  • Airport Staff and Ramp Agent break rooms right next to the stand… they have to be just big enough though, otherwise it turns terrible.
  • Use the assign vehicles to an aircraft stand feature. I don’t care for anything different than 1:1 ratio of each service vehicle to aircraft stand.
  • If you’re going to have a bathroom… have many, never one… people will go a long way out of their way to drop a deuce…
  • Turn off baggage service if it gets out of control. Let things wind down and turn it back on when it’s settled down. Same goes for fuel trucks.
  • Old save files opened on new versions may take a good amount of time for the new update to work through the old data structure. Patience usually prevails. Let things play out, even if it does seem like watching a hurricane unfold in your lap. The game is stable.

More to come.

Current as of 29.10.4

  • Don’t open every gate at the same time, open them gradually and see if everything works

  • Try and limit where your staff can take breaks. Ramp agents need to be by baggage bays, airport staff don’t.

  • Don’t spend all of your money at the start, you won’t be able to make it back. Expand and upgrade when it is vital. (This does not jut mean buildings, staff aswell)

  • It may be tempting to set auto-planner to 15 minute gaps to fit in as many planes as possible though this is often not practical due to passenger/vehicle/staff/runway load