Transit structures - Max capacity of each?

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Apologies if may have already been asked, what are the maximum per hour capacities of the different transit structures? To help figure out roughly if an airport has too many or too few at it’s busiest times observing the queues and the “per hour” usage against what is the maximum?

TBH I’ve only seen a Pax/hour rating on the Subway entrance, which IIRC, is 240p/h. All the others (bus/taxi/car) have maximum queue quantities, and the throughput on those will depend on how frequently the road vehicles arrive to drop/pick up passengers.

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Yeah - my “issue” is trying to judge how to avoid the error messages, and to encourage use of carparks and other road based transits. I’ve a maxed out airport on large map and only 20 cars max using the many available carparks. It’s ideal for road traffic, but not very realistic. It’s maybe more of a balance issue.