Transit systems

So Basically like a Transit System, like a light rail from Depurtures to a terminal and from the gates to baggage too arrivals ect

Inter-terminal, inter-satellite concourses and all in-terminal rail transit systems discussions can continue on this topic :slight_smile:

how could the corners work for this would it be similar to roads or would there be a larger turn piece because the turning circle would have to be very small and it could look weird doing such small turns

I personally wouldn’t mind the graphic of a train system going round a tight ish bend, I feel the operational need far exceeds the aesthetics. But if it was a deal breaker could a bend potentially take maybe a 2x2 block making it a bit more rounded?

@EG0611 Is there any news about this being in development? Or has this idea just been scraped?

With the current map sizes, such things aren’t really needed.

If you have a sattellite terminal, you can connect it with walkators and you will be much faster than implementing a transit system which causes waiting times for passengers. Except it will be an easy solution like the elevators where pax enter a fix object/door and spawn somewhere else without any animations between.

Connections between different independent terminal zones are not needed at all as the game does have no connecting passengers which require to switch a terminal. Many do also ask for that but there is actually no usage for it at all.

This could make going from terminal to terminal faster… Also, we are (I think) getting a bigger map, no :slightly_smiling_face:

We are going to get bigger maps that is correct. However it is still up to developers. Developing such a thing is not easy. They have to consider this:

  • How transit system works
  • How pax and staff interact with transit system
  • How transit system vehicles work
  • How transit system structure be built


Thanks for responding so quickly. Looking forward to the update, and is there a release date for it?

Good idea. Also reminder that buses are also a feasible option and already implemented in general :slight_smile: