Transport movement and luggage system

  1. Cars use only the inner radius on both sides of the movement when making a U-turn, near the tunnel, and besides, the direction of movement is set on each lane, but which is not observed. This creates congestion and anticipation that translates into aircraft delays.

  2. It is not possible to connect the baggage claim area, even between flights. The plane has already left, a new one in its place is still on the way, but the game does not allow connecting the baggage claim area. The physical connection is configured. It is simply a matter of logically connecting the components of the luggage system.

    Unable to connect the luggage compartment while servicing a flight.

The road issue is frustrating, I think it if you have a parking structure or up/down tunnel ramp you’re best leaving 1x space inbetween the two joining “U turn” sections.

It then acts as a 90 degree turn… then 1 straight tile separating… then another 90 degree turn. The game doesn’t understand a direct u-turn in and out of ramps or parking structures sadly. But, I can understand why this doesn’t work as it’s to avoid tile connection issues I’m guessing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip, but I am building an airport of maximum density, and I have no opportunity for bypass, duplicate routes.

This explains better what I meant (couldnt get the image earlier) A spacer tile in-between the “U” straight lines. It then ensures the game engine treats this as one continued road rather than a cluster of tiles without a space.


Hmm, I think, in realitiy you don’t find such tight u-turns on streets where is a lot of traffic with big trucks. But also in reality a truck needs both lanes to make the u-turn.

To the other problem: I know what you mean, it’s annoying. You have a chance of nearly a minute, if the plane turns on the stand. (the small planes - i don’t have larger planes and pushback vehicles, so i don’t know the trigger by these planes). It starts in the moment, where the green letters of the income turn up.

Hi @Shaquille, could you report the save and give med the number, I would like to take a look at the intersection. :slight_smile:

I exaggerated the problem by writing that there was no way for me to clear the traffic jam on that reversal. On closer inspection, I was able to unload that turn and remove delays in the operation of the transport, but I will send the save if I have not already overwritten it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am interested in another question. The circled planes at the top of the screenshot are letting the planes below them pass. There’s still plenty of time for The planes at the top to go about their business!

A sad issue which prevents building nice airports. It came with A34, was shortly fixed before release and then came back again.
I prefer planes crashing in eachother than being blocked for 30 to 60 ingame minutes. I hope that gets fixed (again).

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Alternatively I would like to have waypoints, bounded to stands. So the circled blue plane can taxi to the right and then to the taxiway at the top (of the picture).

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