Travelators (moving walkways)


Feature request title:
Travelators (moving walkways)

A travelator is a moving walkway which passengers can use to get to gates / areas of the terminal faster.

Why it should be implemented:
Easy to move people around large terminals. Faster for in terminal transport.

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Moving Walkways and Escalators
People movers
Passenger transport
Moving Walkways
Question to developers

Would be better for passengers instead of walking


just this:


I knew it existed and looked for it. Good to finally see the old travelators.


Man, I hope this indeed would be a thing!


It would be nice.


I would love to see that we’d be able to determine their length by dragging, either like the conveyors, or, even better, like the queue lines.


Yes, that would be really cool :sunglasses:


It would be so nice to have that in the game.


Moving walkways a great idea as aircraft sometimes delayed due to the long distances that some pax have to walk. To make them truly realistic they should break down now and then. On recent trips that I have taken at least one walkway was out of operation at each airport.


Don’t worry - broken seats happen far too often in ACEO :smiley:


Would love to have this in the game. It would make it so much easier for passengers to travel around larger terminals faster.


I vote for this as well. I have had a number of pax miss flights as they are wandering around in the other side of the terminal, or buying food , and only realise near departure that they should board(I literally have closed the flight as they get to the boarding desk). I am not sure what affects airline reputation more, delayed flights or on-time flights with missing pax, but I have decided on the latter if ‘prompted’.


I really want this to move all my staff and passenger to there place, my terminal is cover 50% of the world


Me too… had to move the entire check in section intot he near middle of the map to decrease the travel times… seems to have worked ok. At least, all concourses are not near equidistant from the check-in area.

Treadmill for passenger

@Olof @Fredrik

What did ever happen to the moving walkways? I am pretty sure they were in the game for a short while.


They were originally based on a physics simulation but proved to processor intensive and removed. They are still on the cards though as far as I’m aware.


Hmm… processor intensive… what if they were set up as a “room” or “zone” where if a passenger is in the room, they’re rate of travel would be 2.0. Create some sort of a condition… or even use the current one of tired as a reason to walk in the zone… The visual of them could be technologically visual only… they could have entry and exit points just like baggage does… I can think of a few ways conceptually where it shouldn’t be all that intensive…


The running algo could even be a base? Sans the animations?


I thought Olaf had mentioned something about teaching passengers to run when they’re late… seems like adding the “area” as a people mover and then teach the pathfinder to also look for those along the way.