TU-154 and IL-96-300 airplans matter!

Feature request title:
TU-154 and IL-96-300 airplans matter. The sound of the D-30 engines on the Tu-154 has no analogues among other engines.

Friends! As a fan of Airport CEO from the Russian Federation, born in the USSR, I am upset that there is not a single Soviet aircraft in the game.
And by the way, only one TU-154 flies on regular flights in Russia, in the ALROSA airline (it will soon be withdrawn from the fleet), and 5 IL-96-300 in the Cuban airline CUBANA. Both those and others fly in a special flight unit, but this is the carrier of the Russian government and the Ministry of Defense. There is also the North Korean airline Air Koryo, which also has an IL-62M with D-30 engines.
The most interesting thing is that when all over the world airlines reduce the fleet of four-engine jambodgets, four-engine IL-96-400 of a new modification are being assembled in Russia. First of all, this is done so that the design team and workers do not lose competence in production.

Why it should be implemented:

The sound D-30 Tu-154 has no analogues. IL-96-300 is the only four-engine liner not featured in the game. Fans of the game from Russia, as well as fans of aviation from other countries will be very happy.

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Full sound!

and here is the sound of the engines during landing and taxiing. LISTEN BEFORE STOPPING!

Couldn’t agree more! Though, I do not have any votes left though.



if you can explain this more clearly than I did.

Ok, aircraft request an making is a very secretive process, we do not know it’s workings. But:

  • The aircraft made are generally still in regular service, the Tu-154, and the Il-86/96 are basically retired, and only a few units are still in regular operation.
  • For now it’s been entirely western aircraft, and from conversations with Rubble it can be inferred that it will continue that way.
  • Let’s be frank “How do you imagine those aircraft in the default airlines’ fleet?” Russian aircraft don’t make sense there, as they point to a specific country of origin for the airline, and that hasn’t been done yet.
  • The only Russian aircraft that currently has a chance of being in the base game is the SSJ 100, due to its use internationally, and it’s relative freshness.
  • there have been suggestions of having… say 70’s and Russian immersion packs, we’ll have to wait and see.

TL:DR, the suggested aircraft likely aren’t coming anytime soon due to a variety of reasons that are mentioned above.


These planes are used by airlines, moreover, on international flights. What other questions can you ask? If they were not in the airline fleet, then there would be no questions.
But given that the Tu-154 flies in North Korea, and that modified IL-96s are being produced in Russia, they still fly.

In theory, there might be one airline in the contracts that will have these planes in its fleet, and they can be selected.
SSJ-100 besides Russia, regularly flies only in Mexico. 2 in Kazakhstan (1 in the government, 1 as a business jet), 3 in the Royal Thai Air Force.

In any case, if @Rubble deems it necessary, he will answer himself about the party’s policy, or maybe someone else from the development team. Don’t do it for him. Are you on the development team?

Now we will also invite the Chinese with their Comac ARJ21. From the first own passenger liner. Think about it, this is marketing, and they have a huge market, and their national identity is big… :smile:

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Sounds and looks like a Boeing 727 to me. I’m not hearing the difference. There was a game Aerobiz 25 years ago that had the TU and IL brands to purchase planes if your flag/nationality was fitting. When the wall came down, it opened up the ability to purchase these planes if you wanted. They were stats inferior in every way. Not sure how that matches reality in terms of the quality of the aircraft.

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While the creation of new aircraft in the game is limited, choices will be made on which aircraft are added (first). As stated above, the priority is on aircraft still in (active) service.

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I don’t see a real priority. With MD11, Fokker70 and MD80 we do also have/get some older babies.

I do hope that a Russian or Chinese aircraft will join the game somewhen.

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I listened to the sound of boeing-727 engines in various videos. Here is the most revealing video, where there are no extraneous sounds, the sound is as clear as possible.

As a result, I claim that the sounds are different, while they have a greater similarity than with other engines.I want to say that the sound of the D-30 engine is unique to me. I have flown Tu-154 many times, and this sound has imprinted on me. The special sound of the D-30 is heard when the engine picks up speed and dumps them.

There is no need to talk about the quality of the aircraft. This is not a propaganda site. How do you know for sure? I agree that the TU-154 engines are less economical. But on the TU-154 there was always a D-30, and on the Boeing there were more options, because there are GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce. And the TU-154 has advantages. Look at the wheeled cart, due to which it withstood a heavy load and could land on unpaved airfields.

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A Chinese plane is a must. And it should be used in marketing the game to the Chinese. There are 1.5 billion Chinese on earth. They are very proud of their achievements, but there are still not many of them in civil aircraft construction. So we are waiting for Comac Arj21.


I’m fascinated by the landing gear on the Russian plane, likely by necessity. I can certainly see your passion for a plane you have flown and love to fly not getting the response you believe it deserves. It wasn’t so much a comment of quality as it was a genuine observation of a game I played a roll in my love for an industry I don’t work in. It’s the only reference I have to work with. The other problem is that if you started in the Soviet Block airports, the finances were nearly impossible to work with. I’m a physician… so pilot, no, but drooling over the planes out the window of the airport… yup, that’s me.

What’s even more awesome is that a Russian and an American can talk on a website about a video game we both really enjoy. That’s amazing!