Tweak Intl Spawn Ratio? [Also autoplanner issue]

I was wondering if there is a tweak in the json to update this.

I have 12 Medium stands that ive toggled to intl. The problem is that almost no companies offer the Med Intl flights. I have 12 airlines contracted and like 3 actually have intl medium flight so they all sit virtually empty.

Also not directly related, is there an issue with Auto planner? I have 250 capacity and several large intl opening in Large Stands [2 stand with no flights] I have several airlines offering Large Intl flights but auto planner refuses to schedule. I sit at more or less 150-160 flights at a time. [Its been days like this.

For both scenario all airlines are at 100 satisfaction
[Location roughly Seatlle]

Looking at Seatac destination map

I’m not 100% surprised. I would guess most of the planes flying those routes are larger planes?

I know ETOPS exists however, even looking at Iceland it’s still quite a distance. Mexico should offer some though, Canada as well.

I actually didnt even realize this for the game. So I basically should choose like somewhere in europe if I want to have a bunch of med international flights

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I’ve never built a EU airport so could not say. I know a modding effort was to make a schengen area, and was hinted it could be rolled out from the devs(? not heard any update on that for a while), but it theory yes, they should.

Europe works well. France, Spain, UK, Germany,… many domestic and international possibilities.

And if you only want small domestic, you have also good choices there.


Perfect, now i know what im doing when beta 3 drops!

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