Two fuel trucks going to the same flight


I experience that two fuel trucks are going to refuel the same flight. At the same time there are other flights which needs to be refueled.


I have the same issue and have reported it. I’ve had all different types of trucks go to the same flight, several of the same kind.


Have reports in for this too, with Pushbacktrucks, once had 4 servicing 1 plane.


Yeah same, I’ve had like all my busses go to one gate along with my gas trucks


Yup, it’s a confirmed issue, with the implemented fix for distance checking of job task after the 26th this problem will be addressed too.

Although annoying, it doesn’t break the process right? I’ve seen it too but only to have them both depart once the job is finished. Also only happens to vehicles right, or have you seen it for employees too?


What do you mean it could happen to passengers?

Also sometimes the airside buses send multiple but only 1 leaves and the rest stack up at the staircase


As in, if we ever seen more PAX boarding a flight as the counter? I dont think so.

@Rubble we need your OCD, did you ever notice this?


Sorry, I meant employees. The issue is generic for all vehicles, there’s a bug in the dispatch system that causes a certain job task to be claimed twice (or more) by different vehicles. That’s what’s gonna get fixed! :slight_smile:


Not something I’ve noticed. I am dealing with a slightly more tricky bug though related to FPS. Ugh


I saw it on buses as well going to remote stands. The issue is here that they go to collect the same passengers and when the first bus picks all of them up the second bus do the same, however with no passengers of course. The main issue here is similar to the fuel trucks, other flights/passengers are not serviced until very late (too late). But yes it does not break the process, only prolong it.