Two years in the making: Celebrating Airport CEO's second Early Access anniversary!

Yes, it’s the A340.


Congrats and happy anniversary! :confetti_ball::partying_face::boom::champagne:

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Just thought that I’d add that there is a marking for an a320 on the large aircraft stand. Does this mean that medium aircraft will also be able to use the stands, or is it a typo?


Yes, medium flights will be possible on large stands but the markings are mainly for aesthetics and doesn’t really reflect the correct parking position.


I assumed that was the case as the A340 pictured in your post is positioned nowhere near the A340 marking on the ground :wink:


Thank you all for the birthday wishes! The Airport CEO code base thanks you all and wishes the best back to you. :smiley:


It’s A343 for sure, engines CFM56-5C4


Two things about this image: image
The A340 is parked a bit too forward on the stand according to the markings
And it’s not that realistic to have every large gate able to fit a A380

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they already said above that the markings are for aesthetics only not the real locations for aircraft parking…


oop, sorry

yo were is the next dev blog?

Probably about four/five hours from now.

Edit: Plus a day

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lol oke

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At this point I realized that, although living in Europe, the Devs’ clock is set somewhere between Alaska and Hawaii (just as mine often is with work). So as long as we also set our clocks to the correct time zone, we’ll keep the right expectations!

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I personally would ask that since everything else (for the most part) is being placed and positioned correctly (as best as possible) that the aircraft receive the same treatment on the stands. I have no intentions of this being a complaint post, but feel like it would be much more visually pleasing if we could allow those aircraft to park where they are designed to park.

I’ll explain it from a gate agent’s point of view. Our jetbridges UNLESS BUILT A CERTAIN WAY are driven forwards, backwards, and side to side all based on 1 attachment to the building, and a rotating bogey like this:

Because of this, the smaller aircraft are marked further out on the stand and from my perspective (as I drive these BUT NEWER every day), those smaller aircraft (for example, CRJ200, E145, and up) require me to drive OUT and LOWER the bridge in order to make a valid connection to port the aircraft.

Because a lot of bridges here are designed like this, that’s also why I harp (but don’t mean to) at the fact that the road does not cross under the jetbridge. It’s considered a danger here, with the exception of some airports who have them designed as the game does. All in all, I’d just like to see that parking bit updated.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACEO!! Glad to celebrate it with ya! :smiley:


Yeah, I was wondering that as well, What is the Timezone the Dev’s use? I was expecting CET…

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Happy birthday!! :smiley::birthday::beers::airplane:

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I thought I’d share a little sneak peak as well… Photoshop stats for the current build. :open_mouth:



HOLY FRICK!!! that is so much

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