UI: suggesting additions for flight planner


I found it kind of tedious to do the flight planning (manually) and here are some proposals for making it easier.


  • airlines with offered flights (# of unscheduled flights > 0)
  • airlines/flights operated by planes of certain size (as accepted by the stands)
  • airlines/flights with a (enterable) minimum of payment per flight

nice to have: combine multiple filter criteria with and or or
very nice to have: display the # of matches (of airline resp. flights)

Airline Sorting

  • by name (as is)
  • by number of offered / operated / maximum flights
  • by airline satisfaction
  • by highest payment per flight offered by that airline
    Switch sorting highest->lowest and reverse

Move Around
When selecting an airline, a list of flights offered by this airline appears (let’s call this the “airline window”).
In the airline window, add two buttons (< >, see mockup below) to move to next/previous airline (according to active sorting). Currently you have to go back and select the next airline.
When you go back, please let the last visited airline stay active. At the moment, it jumps back to the first airline and you have to scroll down again…

Flights Sorting
In the airline window, also add sorting (and filters as described above) by

  • number of re-occurences
  • aircraft size
  • payment per flight
  • flight number
  • might want to add requested services as a filter for services offered/not-offered at the airport.

Do not re-order (as it is currently) after scheduling/deselecting a flight.

(Non-)Matching Stands
If you select (i.e click on) a flight, the not matching stands are downlighted and only the matching stands are clearly visible. I’d like to have then already when I hover for some seconds (should be a customisation parameter) with the mouse over a flight.

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A filter would be great for these