Unable to get contract bonuses, bug?


Nowadays when I sign for a restaurant or shop i never make any bonuses anymore. I make twice the sales they require and when the contract runs out it says target sales not met, so is it a bug that I’m not getting it? This has been happening for a while across multiple saves.
Any advice?

  • Gryphon


It’s indeed a bug, nothing game breaking, but existing for a while now.


The contract system desperately needs an overhaul, both in terms of code (some legacy stuff here), bugs but also features. It’s going to be something we’ll look into not too long for now when we’ve freed up some resources with either Alexander of Fredrik! :slight_smile:


Please drop templating shops in there somehow :wink:

Like saving rollercoaster designs in Roller Coaster Tycoon.


This would actually be really helpful. They call them blueprints in Fallout 76… you click and save all the items you want and it saves them into a group we can then place all the things at one time.

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