Unable to get mod to work on Mac


(apologies ahead of time if this is the wrong category)

I recently subscribed to a new Southwest Airlines mod, and cannot see it in the mod manager on the APCEO homescreen. It is strange because I can see another mod that I recently subscribed to. Any suggestions? The mod can be found here:


This is what it currently looks like:

I verified through the steam workshop/computer that the SWA mod is subscribed to, and downloaded in the steam workshop folder. As you can see, it is missing from the list.


hmmm, strange that you get some showing but not another. I’m on a Mac and will have a look very shortly as well. I’ll subscribe and see if it shows for me.


I think I may have found the issue. The aircraft folder is named B737800, where it should be named 737800? That is how it is done in the Alaskan mod, which works fine.

Also, thanks for helping!


okay, good to hear. You might want to feedback to the author of the Mod as well then.


I still haven’t gotten the mod to work, and I have no idea if that is the cause, since I know nothing about modding. Did you manage to get it to work on your computer?


I was just about to look when you said you’d thought you’d found the issue. I’ll sub now.


No does not show for me either. Will have a look now at the files.


I noticed that the json file for the SWA mod is named Mod.json, and is missing an entry for region. The Alaskan json is named Alaskan Airlines.json. Could that have any effect?


I don’t think so, I have noticed one thing that needs chaining in the JSON. Seem’s you are not alone in trying to get this to work. Comments on steam one of them could not get it to work either.


That was me on the steam workshop haha


HA. I’d say it’s a problem with the Mod. I’ve subscribed to a few others and they all worked. SouthWest didn’t. I’d suggest contacting the author.


Thanks for all of your help. I’ll definitely send the author a message.