Underground Transportation Between Terminals


Feature request title:

Underground Transportation Between Terminals


In real airports like London Heathrow and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson there is underground transportation between terminals. In the game those could be as simple as an underground sidewalk or as complex as a whole train system with a depot and necessary fuel. It would allow terminals that are not connected to the main terminal but let them still be functional.

Why it should be implemented:

To make use of more space in the area and to make larger and more realistic airports.

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Underground passage

A combination of this and multifloor would work, I think…


That sounds great. Even an overground system would be great also just like at Dubai with it’s monorail system.




What about the original daddy of Monorails Orlando International?


dubai does not have overground airport shuttle - that is Metro dubai thats overground the airport shuttle trains are underground


I think what Chris was saying is he would like to see both over-ground and underground links, I would like that aswell.


This could be something implemented after the multi floors update, and it would be incredibly useful to get passengers to far flung areas of the airport. That being said, I don’t think this would be very easy to code, so we may not see it for a while.