Unofficial ACEO Mod Manager Data


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Except I’m using an android tablet…


Then if you have installed Spreadsheets, it should be in there :slight_smile:


Right, time for another update :slight_smile:
We haven’t really added many businesses since last time (9 to be exact), but what we did do was airports. We have 14143 airports, for which we are gathering passenger numbers.

Why, you ask?
Well so we can get more realistic route generation.

What i hope will be possible, is that you will see Aeroflot flights to and from Russia, KLM to and from The netherlands, etc.

The passenger numbers help in getting more realistic aircraft on these routes.
HinkyDinkVille Airport would probably not be flying A380s and Heathrow would probably not bother with Cessna flights to your airport.

This way we won’t need actual route information and still be able to get something that seems realistic

We’re also determining if an airport is strictly military, so you wouldn’t get any flights from there (yet). Of course, perhaps in the future you might get the occasional C-17… (i can dream can’t i? )


Oh, so there’s airports now ?

Well, this should be … challenging


It’s not as bad as it looks :slight_smile:

We’ve made some assumptions that should be accurate for 80% of the airports. Only the more well known / bigger ones are actually being investigated.
There have been a few people that have done this for the last 2 days and i dare say we already have quite a good list.

They just pick a country and get to it :slight_smile:


As long as we have data on Wiki, everything is fine :slight_smile:


Could you add some more rows to the spreadsheet for airports @pderuiter???


There are so many airports it to several minutes to load in!


Yes but don’t you think we could add more???
Then it could take hours to load in!!!


Yes but don’t you think we could add more???

What more? There are 14k airports around world and EVERY airport is on that list including helipads, military airports and even seaports.


I dont think it would help. Thevgame will match ICAO codes with their own airport list. So any airport we have that they dont is a waste :confused:


Kai Tak, one of THE most iconic airports isn’t on there. I know it’s closed but it would still be brilliant to get a 747 flying in from there (I know 747’s aren’t added yet.) Also you caould make it a nice round number of airports like 15000 instead of 14145! I added EGND Crosland Moor this morning, to the last available slot, an airport I and @FirstOfficerFair know and love so there are definitely more.


Guys PLEASE when you add a new airport be sure to add its information and data correct. For example I think Kaitak was located in Hong Kong not China. (Then why new Hong Kong airport is located in Hong Kong?)

One more thing I think when you add a new airport be sure to write it here so we can also confirm. So that we can aware of doubles or even more, fantasy airports. @pderuiter maybe adding new airports should be restricted by only you?

Also please write your data on correct format. For PAX and cargo numbers write exact number not “29 million” or something.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Well i only added a few rows to see where this goes. As i said before i think its futile anyways, since the game wont read them :slight_smile: when this part of the gsme activates, it only reads airports it knows


Not to nitpick, but isn’t Kaitak already closed?


We can mark it as such :slight_smile:


I have a problem, when ive been opening up the mod manager data (on an iPad, in the google sheets app) I cant see an “Airports” tab


You sure you didnt make a local copy you are now looking at?


No. It says the document is owned by you, and whenever i click on a link to it in this forum, it takes me to the same document, without the airports tab.