Unofficial ACEO Mod Manager Data


I haven’t been able to get the mod companies to show up. Help!?


you are not alone in this, but i have not had time to look at this :frowning:


Hello! Is the mods ready to use? I am really excited to put mods in my Airport :slight_smile:


Not yet working fully no :frowning:


Oh! :frowning: . Well,Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I tried it myself (finally had some time) but i cant for the life of me see why it wouldnt work.
I get banks and fuel suppliers and these work.
I get franchises but indeed ppl dont buy anything.


Not me, and like I said even after i deleted all the folders from the game directory, i still get shops and restaurants, still no banks, fuel, or contractors.


Tbh i had all mods installed. Ill try with only NA

Dud you try a refresh contracts? Its possible the game saves the data


I tried North America.

I definetely get less banks.
I keep uising F10 to regenerate contracts and i occasionally get 1 small bank, but definetely not 3. I have no idea why though.
I’m afraid i would need Olof or Fredrik for this, and i don’t want to disturb them right now


Did you get fuel and contractors? I dont get them either.


when i had all installed i did get at least fuel suppliers. i have no idea how the game determines what companies / contracts to show, but the modded businesses arent making the cut somehow.


@pderuiter Where is the mod link?



@pderuiter Remove Sri Krishna Sweets from Asia–> Companies --> Food
Its a local sweet shop chain (Within a city). I don’t know who added that :man_facepalming:


Why? It will only be installed if you install a shop that sells them. Having local stuff like that really personalizes the game. :slight_smile:


Hi! form Venezuela

I add some stuff in the excel


  • Info and IATA code for Venezuelan Airports
  • Add “Santiago Mariño Caribbean International” form Venezuela

Add 3 lines form venezuela

  • Albatros Airlines
  • Laser Airlines
  • Estelar

Add 6 banks fom Venezuela

  • Banco de Venezuela
  • Bnaco Central de Venezuela
  • Banesco Banco Universal
  • Banco del Tesoro
  • BanPLus
  • 100% Banco

AVFuel Supplier
Add 2 Company


Please tell me if i doit rong, i want add more stuff :slight_smile:


We discussed with @pderuiter and we decided to mark airports without IATA code as “tiny” airport with 0 PAX and 0 cargo. Currently only 3030 airports left without data.


Currently 2412 airports left without PAX data.


1520 airports are left. The countries are: Canada, China, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia and USA.


From 18 November 2017, 1329 airports are left without PAX data. These airports are located in USA, Canada and China.


How do you install the mod manager?


You unzip it somewhere :slight_smile:
It will find your ACEO install location automatically