Update/Add more retail and cafe opportunities

Feature request title:

Add more retail and cafe opportunities.


I would love to see more variety in retail and cafes.

Retail - would be great to see new shelving types, counters for make up / perfume, clothes rails Etc stock rooms could be added.

Cafes / restaurants - at the moment I believe the current set up is based more on a grab and go. Would be great to see variety so maybe a proper restaurant with kitchen space and waiters delivering food etc. Fast food outlets, so no fridges just counter space and a kitchen behind.

Others - airports feature many more retail than news agents and duty free, how about currency exchange, make up shops, win a car stands, arcades, hotel reservation shops. Tourist info, clothes shops etc

Why it should be implemented:

More opportunities to get money from your travellers, both in departures and arrivals. Will help fill the terminals and give passengers things to do rather than just sit.

Agreed, we need more types.

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