Update Tooltip/InfoDialog information

Feature request title:
Updating tooltip / info panel to help new players understand role of item /building


I was trying to attach boarding desk to Large Stand in simple secured area while trying to upgrade my airport. It wasnt connecting, giving error message : Boarding desk in international zone cannot be connected to non-international stand. Airport was not equipped for International flights at that point of time but no where on large stand any mention of “to be used for international flights only, or something like that kind of information”. I searched on net to find out that large stands are only for International flights / should be used with international zones. Another example, Weather Stations, you need both small and large to show current and forecast. One can say that they are given as 2 different parts and should be used like that. But do we use 3 ATC towers at the same time? They are upgrades you can remove previous and replace with bigger. I think similar should be the behavior here, or at least mention then in separate categories like ‘current’ and ‘forecast’ not small and big, its confusing for new players.

Why it should be implemented:

Above were just few examples, there are more minor ones which can be resolved with more / better tooltip / info dialog message. Players should get clear idea what things are required to use a particular item just by looking at info of that item. I came to know about above issues after plotting 10 Large Stands, time wasted in figuring out what went wrong is time away from game.

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_I dont think this will require image, if needed I will attach them.

This is my first post, so, if I have posted this in wrong thread, please let me know. Thanks in advance._