Upgrades for ATC


I think it is quite realistic that when your airport grows the ATC needs to grow with the airport, making sure it can handle all the aircraft whilst doing that as safe as possible, so maybe you can buy upgrades for ATC like Doppler radar, ground radar and maybe a bigger control tower.


Agree :airplane::airplane::airplane::smiley:


+1, indeed.


Sure, in my opinion it’s a must have :smiley:


I would guess they’ve already considered this, but how deep are they wanting to go? Will the airport eventually need it’s own approach/departure ATC facilities? What about ramp control, or multiple towers for area of coverage?


Yes, somehow this will be implemented. Right now we only have small ATC-tower available. Later we plan to implement medium and large towers, however, we have not decided on the actual effects of this. We are thinking that the upgrade will impact things like maximum nbr of flights per hour, allow for night flights and better safety. We will reveal more when we come to that stage. :airplane:


Maybe, different version of CAT ILS capability from IIIa, 111b, II


so, in the current version there isn’t night flights?


In the beginning, night flights is not allowed. You will require a permit (from some sort of government function) and the proper runway lightning/navigation system to schedule night flights. Also, the night is a good time to perform maintenance and construct new buildings at your airport so, in some cases, you do want to keep the night schedule free.


Will the ATC be affected by housescene etc? Like in Amsterdam


Having a shortened takeoff or one which requires an immediate turn due to noise restrictions is reality in a lot of airports


A little more niche but what about Line Up and Hold Short Operations? (LAHSO) Would be a great way to manage congestion but at an additional cost due to the additional training and infrastructure requirements, would look very cool as well seeing one aircraft hold short of the intersection as the other takes off.